Champagne Showers And Leveling Up At Wild West

I was super psyched for our return to Wild West after a month hiatus. 

After BodyPump I stopped by Best Buy (I already lost my shuffle charger and needed a replacement) so I was getting home about 15min before we were supposed to leave. I obviously needed to get cleaned up, so I grabbed my bag and lunch box and sprinted from my car to the apt. Yeah, bad idea since it had been raining all day. I slipped in the hall and it happened so fast I didn't have a chance to attempt to catch myself. I slammed hard into the ground and the outside of a rando apartment. I probably laid there for a good 10sec before moving. 

When I made it into the apt and B noticed I was a little rattled she said she heard a loud sound outside. Yep, that was totally me. Even the Pyrex bowl in my lunch bag shattered. I thought that stuff wasn't supposed to break, but this is probably the 3rd thing I've shattered. Anyway, my knee has a nasty scrape that reminds me of my childhood, my right hip and thigh is internally bruised, and I kinda jacked up my right shoulder too (I landed on it but at least my arm protected my head). Oh, and my back that's already kinda jacked up from the skating and NY trip is just a mess. Yeah, really wishing my insurance had kicked in because I really need to get to a chiropractor!

Anyway, we finally made it to WW for what is usually ladies night, but we got charged. I guess they've heard the rumors and realized we aren't ladies after all! haha. 
  • Jessica was playing wipe out in the hall.
  • Water wasted
  • Should have brought my butter knife to slice that tension.
  • Stranger danger!
  • But maybe stranger no more
  • "oh, I didn't teach you that." 
  • Let me get this straight, you don't like beer, grilled cheese, The Band Perry, and you don't own boots? Are you a terrorist?
  • Jarafi breaking it down.
  • Are we going to get paid for babysitting?
  • Adam spun me more than usual. I guess I did a good job last time so I leveled up! Next level? Flips and shiz! 
  • I probably shouldn't call her by a nickname since I haven't even met her yet? Right.
I had a great time, as aways even though I was really off my dancing game and couldn't follow to save my life...thanks for dancing with me anyway boys!

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