Shout Out From Skinny Runner

Welcome to my regular readers, as well as those that came by way of SkinnyRunner.

My name is Jessica, or Jes, and I can't wait to be your new BFF!

Skinny Runner is the first running blog I found (I think through health.com, but I can't really remember now). Over the next few days I basically devoured her whole blog. And it was delicious!

Why do I love SR?
  • She's funny
  • Seeing her run a million miles a day keeps me motivated to run...4.
  • Because she runs a lot she has a lot of good advice.
  • I've even commented to ask her about shoe insoles, and she responded. How nice is that?
  • She sells awesome running shirts.
  • She keeps you in the loops with good deals and discounts.
Good mail day! SR race shirts, compression shorts (discount SR blogged), and Florence + The Machine concert tickets!

I was in blog love!  And from there I found all of the other blogs that I currently stalk read.

I am ever so excited that she posted my pic! And that it's with the cutest longhorn that I've ever ever seen. EVER! I almost got back in line so I could pet him some more.

Anyway. since you are here, take a sec to look around and get comfy because I just know we are going to be exchanging heart paintings and bff bracelets in no time!

Hope to see you again soon!

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