Lady Dates and Sister Wives

Last Friday Jes and I made plans to see The Vow. You know, because hanging out M-TR at the gym just isn't enough JesJes time!

But seriously, it's not.

Anyway, Carolyn was in town for work so I let her drive my car for the day and I took B's car to work (she has the tag so I didn't have to pay for parking!). It was a bit of a situation getting things coordinated after work so I could get my car and apartment key back. Really, I just needed my apt key since I could use B's car that night. By the time we got that sorted, I fought Traffic to get to Jes, then we got to the movies, the showing was sold out! So we bought tickets for the late show, 3 hours later, and headed back to her house to have a music swap and eat sugar cookies (that she made, so it's totally in the rules).

I got to see the changes they've made to the kitchen, and it's looking really good. Then she showed me the new stove, and I feel in love. I literally gave it a hug. I should have snapped a photo because it's the most awesome stove I've ever seen! When they finish the kitchen I'll have to sleepover so we can cook on it and in it! (Jes - yes, I did just invite myself over. I hope that's ok?)

While we figured out why my iTunes is effing nuts Steven came home and decided to go to the movies with us, but alone. Yeah, that does make sense. We all went to SMG, but he watched something more manly.

The movie was good...I think. Turns out I still can't handle the late show because I may have taken a few naps. BUT *spoiler alert* it did have a happy ending. Which you should have assumed given it's a Valentine's day movie, duh. There for a bit I thought it was going to be one of those "just because you love someone doesn't mean you end up together" BS movies (uhhh, Prime) so I started to get irritated. Because, P.S. I don't pay for reality, I pay for you to feel me with warm feelings and happy endings!

Seriously. Who would?
 On our way home our Sister Wives arrangement came up. This is the second time, so I'm thinking it's almost my official back up plan to finding my own husband! Sweet! It would be so much fun living with S+J. Except I'm totally going to tap out of the baby rotation and my nightly duties...so I'll just do other wife stuff instead. You know, like cooking, cleaning, baking, being awesome, and remembering Steven's gym clothes, etc.

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  1. i love catching up on long ago posts! sister wife fo life. (hits chest with fist)