I.Die. From Stoopidity.

I feel like so much has already been going on this year and we just barely touched into February (yeah, I may have written this a week ago). I love it...for the most part.

I finally mastered my drive to the gym after work so I will no longer miss BodyPump and cardio. Thank goodness because I'm trying to stay high on endorphins and skinny. When I miss my regular workouts (which double as JesJes+Steven time) I'm ready to cut a B (not my roommate B though).

With the job change came a schedule change. Before I was getting off around 4:30 most days so that allowed me plenty of time to run errands and get in my workouts. But now that I work until 6 I often have to chose between the two. Last night I had to chose errands. Although these last two weeks have been really good, there are also some things causing me major stress, so I could have used a good run last night but didn't have the time to fit it in. Also I've noticed that working 8-6 does make me a little grumpier than usual.

Work has been going really well. I like my coworkers and we have girls lunch every day! You know how in High School you were excited to go everyday so you could see your friends? Yeah, my job is kinda like that. Oh, and it probably helps that I made them Rolo Brownies last week, and M&M cookies this week. Follow the link to get the recipes. Both were over the top delicious!

B and I decided to start doing 5am runs because we don't really have time in the evening and the buddy system is def a safe choice. We have done that twice, then either the gym was locked or we didn't have enough time. I'm def trying to get my running back on schedule, so I signed up for:
  • Rodeo Run 10 k - Feb 25
  • The Woodlands 5k (the half mary was sold out) - March 3
  • Angie's 1/2 Crazy 1/2 Marathon - April 1


Oh, and working with B is going pretty well. I sit in the front room, so we aren't around each other all day. But we do talk often and have lunch together most days. AND we still enjoy our Mac time at home.


  1. i mean honestly... could life get any better?!

  2. Seriously wish you lived closer....mostly for all the goodies you make ;) juuuuuus keeeeding!!!

  3. B - only very few ways!

    Jen - haha. Thanksssss!