Valentine's Day Cliche

Valentine's is one of my fave holidays.

No I don't think you need one day a year to celebrate love...because you should celebrate all year. Duh!

Buutttt...It's nice to have one day where you fo sho are going to celebrate.

I love it when my Valentine's day is filled with as many cheesetastic cliche things as possible! I'm not talking things that sparkle, I'm more into flowers, cards, and candy on this day of love. That's the way to my heart. And the cheesier the card, the better. Oh, but do feel free to write about the serious and not so serious reasons that you love me so.

Since I'm lacking in the whole having a valentine this year area, I'm going to be my own.

Is that weird? No, it's not that weird. Ok, maybe it is. Do you know me? Then you shouldn't be so surprised.

I love myself so I deserve to treat myself right! You bet I'm going to buy flowers for my #1 girl (tha'd be me). Oh, and her fave sweets...good thing I know her so well. And a card? DUH!* I'll probably even swing by RA to pick up her current fave eats on the way home from the gym.

*Side Note: When I buy things online I always send a note with it, especially if I'm buying something for myself. For ex:
  • Jes, I saw these and thought they would look great on you. xoxo, Jes

The point is 1. Vday is awesome when it's cheesetastic, 2. just because you are single doesn't mean this day has to be a reminder that you are alone (because that would be such a downer!), 3. Feel free to send me flowers, cards, and candy in exchange for me loving you forever. xoxo.

Well, I could think of one person other than myself...

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  1. One year I had all my single friends over and we drank wine and ate lots of snacks, it was a blast! :)