Maybe We Should Stop For A Souvenir, Like A Gun.

  • Henn's seemed down about Valentine's day, so I thought I would cheer him up with this:
I know. So thoughtful, right?
He said it was the most terrifying thing anyone has ever given him. At least it made an impact! He's not an HP fan, so he didn't think it was funny.

  • I made this a double treat week (I didn't bring anything last week and had to make it up to the kids) so I brought the chocolate bark for Valentine's day, and later I also brought some delicious pretzel, chocolate & PB chip cookies.

Obviously they were good, otherwise I wouldn't be posting about it. For ex, the heart oreo cookies I made. Oh, you didn't read about that? Exactly.

  • Friday night Kari and R wanted to go out so I watched Abbers. I hadn't seen her in a month so I was afraid that she wouldn't remember me and cry the whole time. Abbers def surprised me by being really great and didn't cry at all (last time she cried every 15 min). We played ball and read bilingual books. Good time. And Kari left me a steak and asparagus to grill for dinner in exchange for my services. Delish!

On my way home there was a lot of road construction so I took a wrong turn...twice. There for a bit I really didn't think I would ever make it home.

  • Saturday B took me on a field trip to Cavendar's and a surprise trip through the ghetto. She's such a giver. I bought my first paid of boots since probably elementary school. Now I feel like a legit Texan (which I am, born and raised). Sweet!
  • In other non-related news...My new lunch obsesh is salad. Spinach, green peppers, red onions, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, banana peppers, parm cheese, egg whites, and balsamic vinaigrette from Salata. I.die. or rather, I.eat.every.day.

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