One Proud Momma: Happy 3rd Birthday Blog!

Today is my baby's (IDK My BFF Jes) 3rd birthday! I am so proud of how much she's grown and developed over this time. She's even potty trained and has motor skills now!

That is three years of awesome! To all my readers, you are soooo welcome!

Kidding. But siriusly, thank you for reading.

I made that cake to celebrate during our Sunday night dinner. So the boys were in for a surprise when I told them that this wasn't an ordinary dinner, but was really a bday party for my blog. To that one of them said, "You have a blog?" Ummm, duh. Where have you been? Carlilly, I know you fb stalk me, so you should be on the up and up about this. Since I'm my own sponsor the only swag they got was a piece of cake and a free subscription to my blog! I know, I really went above and beyond. It's what I do.

Fun Fact! Blog shares it's Bday with Baby Biebs (well, I guess he's not a baby anymore since he's 18).

Now it's time to reflect....err, go over stats for the last three years. I love numbers!
  • Total Posts: 82 (including this one)
  • Total Page Views: 6,236
    • United States: 5,766
    • The rest are from Russia, Germany, UK, Canada, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia, Brazil, and Romania.   
  • Most viewers have come to my blog by links on facebook, HelloDefine, and SkinnyRunner.
  • Most read: Andrew got 579 views. It was a hard one to write, and it makes me cry when I read it, but it felt necessary to share.
  • Most Commented: Surprise You Might Have Cancer! - Just Kidding received 6 comments (2 were from me). I guess now I know what gets the people going! P.S. Please leave comments! I see that you are reading and would love to read whatever you have to say, even if it's to tell me you think I'm dumb.
  • My Personal Fave: I can't choose just one because I love the ones about my trips (NYE would be my fave there) and about daily life, or just the rando's. Some I like because they still make me laugh, and others for the memories they evoke that I didn't even write about in the post. For ex, this is a good one to me. But most of the stuff I remember about that weekend that makes it so good wasn't even written about. Crazy, huh?
I hope that everyone will stick around (and bring your friends too!) for the next 12 months...until forever! Let's be honest, no one knows what boiring interesting situations I will get myself into, or crazy thing I'll say next, so stay tuned!

Happy Birthday Blog, I love you.


  1. That is quite a cake girl! I need to get with it and blog a little more often but really enjoy yours. You inspire me. LOL
    Aunt Sandra

  2. Ha! When I saw this birthday blog on Facebook I was like WTH who's 3rd bday?! Lol never would have guessed it was your blog's!! You crack me up! Also that cake is awesome! Can I request a bday dessert for my upcoming bday?!?!! :)

  3. funnest bday party EVERRRRR!

  4. Anonymous3.3.12

    I love reading your blog, sorry I don't leave more comments. Your cake looked delicious and I am sure it was. Happy Birthday to your blog. Love you Grandma