The 5K That Didn't Happen

Yesterday was the first time I had signed up for a race and not run it...frustrating.

Friday night I battled the traffic for 1.5hrs to get to the expo and packet pick up in the Woodlands. The expo was alright, I got some (hopefully) pretty sweet insoles...they were out of my size so I had them ordered.

I thought the race started at 7:30a, so I set my alarm for 5:45 so I could review the parking info and leave by 6:20. Yeah, I got up, ate, got dressed, finally I opened the info to review, turns out it starts at 7! AHHHH! I was confusing this start time with my next race. I got in my car, went speeds that are not eco friendly for Matil the Prius, and made it with 5min to park and get to the start. Yeah, it takes more than 5 min for that stuff. So I turned around and made the 40min drive back home at went to Memorial park for 5miles.

Anyway, my run at the park went well. The temp was really nice and it was a little windy.

I ran to these songs all from "Born To Die" by Lana Del Rey:

  • Dark Paradise
  • National Anthem
  • Diet Mountain Dew
Last month her CD was on the Amazon $5 list, so I got it after previewing a few songs, and I love it! It's all that I've been listening to at home, while driving, and working out this past week.

So yeah, you should totes buy it right now! Seriously!

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