Baby Chicken, Baby Chicken!

B decided to go all out for Texas Independence Day (you know, before we got wifed up by USA) and bake some cupcakes since she found Texas wrappers at the store. She also wore her new Texas flag running shorts and boots. (How did this become my life?)

She's baking away while I'm chilling in the living room, when all of a sudden she starts freaking out! I'm talking screaming, throws something, backs up against the counter and looks scared to death! I panic and ask if she saw a mouse because she said she'd seem some around the pool (ewww!). She's kind of saying no, but still making freak out sounds so I can't understand her except when she yells at me to come into the kitchen. Yes, I would love to come in to the kitchen without having any idea of what awaits me. Great!

She finally starts using her words again to tell me that she cracked the egg and it had a baby chick in it. Apparently this has happened to her before, so she's pretty traumatized. She's too afraid to crack the next one so I do it for her...except it won't break. I'm freaked out and don't want to peel it back, but I'm also wondering what the odds are that this would happen twice in a pack. I throw it in the trash and tell her we're just going to get eggs from Adam because I only had three eggs.

She tells me that I have more in the fridge. I thought that was odd because I had three regular eggs in the carton, and then two boiled ones in the egg holder thing where I keep my yogurt. Turns out homegirl grabbed those two eggs and one from the carton...she broke a boiled egg, not a chick filled one.

OMGB! Way to give me a heart attack over a boiled egg!


Happy Independence Day Texas! Last Friday we had Go Texan Day (it's a Houston rodeo tradition), so B thought we should bring it back again! Luckily it coordinated with Texas' Independence Day, so I sent this to the office:

March 2nd is Texas Independence day! Back in 1836 we officially broke out of our abusive relationship with Mexico (please take note Rihanna) and adopted the Texas Declaration of Independence!

Can I get a Yee-Haw?!?

In celebration, we are going Texan again!

Please sport your best western wear and get ready to learn the boot scootin boogie at 4:30p with a cold beer in hand...after all, that's how real cowboys do it!

Remember: Don't mess with Texas (by not participating in this glorious day tomorrow) or we'll mess with you!

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