Did I Get Friend Dumped And You Forgot To Tell Me?

I hadn't seen Jes since last Wednesday. LAST WEDNESDAY!

That's really long for us because we usually spend M-TR night together at the gym.

I figured she'd skip Monday because it was her first year anniversary with the hubbs. So I emailed her about it and she didn't respond.

She's a lot slower with the response these days because she's busy living the dream of a stay at home Jes. (How did she jack my life?)

When I hadn't heard from her by Wednesday morning I was starting to think she friend dumped me without notifying me. Please just call me the paranoid parrot. I started to rethink our last few convos, had I done something wrong? Had I become a toxic friend? Impossible since I often peer pressure her into more cardio and not bad habits. Then I was thinking about how that could be awkward since we are on a couples gym membership (we aren't playin with this sister wife thing) together.

Luckily she emailed me late Wednesday afternoon. Crisis averted! She'd just been busy since she had family in town. Unnecessary panic = my life.

So we Pumped it out, then I was invited to come over for Wedding cake Thursday night.

Thursday after some quality time at the gym S took us to dinner at freebirds, then home to eat wedding cake, watch New Girl, and watch their wedding video (my idea). Check out the video preview here. It's so good and brings me to tears every time.

The cake was good! I missed out on it the first time because my wedding date made us leave early. But I felt redeemed finally having some!


  1. Diane Thompson9.3.12

    My dramatic funny daughter. I did find it hilarious that you think you were defriended from no text response? Dear daughter I still haven't heard a response from my texts to you.I even mentioned 'red dye #9' and no reply. Maybe I got daughter dumped? ha ha. Love you and I am so glad you blog, so I know how you are doing. ha ha Love,love,love you :)

  2. Yes, I got adopted by another mother...sorry you had to find out this way.

    Kidding! We've communicated this week. Sorry I didn't respond, my phone was at home and I wasn't, and then I was too tired to text back (somedays it's just too much work), and then I forgot to do it the next day! love you mom!

  3. Oh gosh, I'm the same way....I always jump to the worst conclusions ALL THE TIME! haha! Glad everyone worked out fine :)

  4. I might have to consider taking applications for a daughter. Just kidding. Love you.

  5. haha, I would NEVER! xx