"When Did This Become A Double Date"

Having Adam as a neighbor is the best thing to ever happen to us.

He's so useful for many things, including:

  • Two steppin.
  • Grilling
  • dancing lessons.
  • Valentine's chocolate & funny cards
  • Picking up our packages from the apartment since we don't get off work until the office is already closed
  • all around laughs
We have def started to use this friendship, nicknamed BJ's Company, to it's full potential by adding Sunday night grilling to the lineup of activities.
Adam the grill master

I'm so glad that Adam has the patience to work the charcoal for us! I can work the propane like nobodies business, but I tap out when it comes to charcoal.

Croc & Adam grilling action shot.
Carlyle Twilight Carlilly Croc came over too. He reminds me of some of Daniel's engineering friends from college. And he was an Eagle Scout...not that surprised. He was telling us about how he has a survival kit. I was super excited thinking it might be, you know, in case the zombie apocalypse does happen. Nope. It's in case the economy crashes, and the country goes to crap, or something.

Workin it for the camera
Adam grilled us up a delicious dinner of steak, brawts, asparagus, brussel sprouts, zucchini, and B made a delicious baked potato salad. While I provided a wine bottle with a straw. I offered to add more straws, but they weren't having it.
Keepin it classy with the straw.
We had a great time finally using our dinner table. At times Croc looked a little shocked by the things coming out of our mouths. I guess he doesn't know the rule that by the third friendship date I'm usually comfortable enough to just be myself, which can sometimes be shocking. Oh, and Adam has now been around us enough that when B and I look at each other and start laughing he just tells Croc that we sometimes do that and to just ignore it. Haha, thanks Adam.

Probably my fave meal
The boys were talking about how having us around will help them meet girls because we make them look less threatening instead of like that random creeper without friends. I hated to break it to them, but if girls approach them when we are at Wild West I'm going to tell them to "get off of my man" (no matter who they are talking to) because B and I don't like to deal with stranger danger when we are out. Yep, Croc might officially think I'm cray. And with that he got the official invite to the friendship circle.

In other news:

I spent most of Sunday afternoon with Brittany & Emma (Cole was there for a bit too). I just love Emma. Maybe part of it is because I got to watch her grow in Britt's belly on the daily for her last few months, but I just can't get enough of her. She really brings out my baby fever urges. And it's always good to spend time with Brittany. We talked about her new painting hobby, took Ellie & Emma on a walk (where we got attached by wiener dogs), and made Brit a workout plan. I came up with some pretty good and cheesy (duh, it's me) motivational phrases for her. I wish I would have written them down. And Brittany asked Cole if they can get one of those things to drag a baby behind the bike. She's so funny when she isn't intending to be.
I swear these are laced with crack or something crazy addictive
On my way back to Houston I hunted down some girl scouts at Kroger. I was so excited to find them because I hadn't yet had any of their delicious crack filled cookies this year! I bought 5 boxes. Does that sound a little OTT? It does? Then I probably shouldn't mention that I usually end up buying about 15/season...except for this year. I managed to eat only 2 boxes in 2 days (those tag-a-longs should be illegal!), so I brought the other boxes to share with work...except for the thin mints because I split that pack with B.


  1. oh my gosh- Jealous! I must find a little girl scout around here, because I'm dying for some cookies! Cute blog! xo

  2. I shouldn't have read your blog right before lunch because between the pics of the steak AND the gs cookies, I'm STARVING!! :)

  3. Lovebirds - cookie season is almost over, so you better act fast!

    Jenn - haha. Be ware of the gs cookies. Once you have a bite you won't be able to stop!

  4. and by "shared" you mean "you have 24 hours to consume the cookies i left for you otherwise i'm going to take them back and eat them myself." at least now i know the rules of sharing!