Pole 1.2

Second class. More bruises.

My legs and wrists are covered in bruises. I'm officially in an abusive relationship with a pole.

Once again I was too lazy to run in the morning, so I put in 4 miles before class. Luckily my legs were behaving, so they didn't feel inflamed or anything.

Each week we have different thing to wear and music selection. This week? sexy bra and R&B. Oooh lala. I'm not about to prance around in just my bra, so I compromised by wearing a sheer top over it.

Oh, you don't workout in heels? Then you must be doing it wrong.

This week we worked on our sexy walk...teacher calls it a sexy drunk stumble. I think mine just resembles the drunk stumble part. Actually I was walking better this week. The problem is that my shoes  kinda slide on the floor so it keeps me a little off balance. Whatever, I'm making it work.

We also covered body floor rolls. The first time we did these, way back at my first drop in class with the girls, I couldn't do it to save my life. It killed my back! I guess everything is in alignment now because I didn't have any problem whipping that out.

We also did merry-go-rounds...Super easy, I just don't look as smooth as teacher does...or the girl with the 5ft long legs.

When we were doing our ending stretching, my mind had checked out so when she said  "now give yourself a hug" my mind completed it as "now give yourselves a round of applause," so I clapped...and didn't notice for a sec that I was the only one. Yeah, they all probably think I'm a little slow now.

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  1. cracking up. I'm fairly certain I would die in this class. I am the most ungraceful person ever and fall everywhere. I should probably take it...would be good content for the blog...