Bend Over And Take Off Your Top

I must be getting better with letting the boys lead (except that one time when Kyle almost knocked into a couple while we were spinning so I took over for a sec...you're welcome) because they are spinning me a lot more and occasionally try a new move...although unsuccessfully.
  • Kyle hit up happy hour so he was way more jazzed than the reg. So funny!
  • My upper body was a lot sore from my most recent hobby, so I was worried about moving my arms. Luckily I worked it out.
  • Kyle points to the dance floor and tells me he wants to show me something. That made me nervous, but I went out there anyway. We start spinning and when he spins me in, he tells me to bend over. I looked at him like "say wha?" I'm really scared that he's about to try the crazy flip move that we had been watching someone else do earlier, and I'm just not ready for that yet, so I refuse. I told him that if he'll just tell me what's going to happen then I'll do it, but he refuses, spins me in again, and tells me to bend over. Again, I'm not having it. He gives me this explanation: I'm going to take your shirt off. Again, "Say wha?" He finally gives me full details, so we do the move and it wasn't so bad...since I got to keep my clothes and my dignity.
  • "Can you refrain from calling me Carlilly on facebook." Ok, but I'll just put it all over the blog! Carlilly, Carlilly, CARLILLY!!! Alright, I'm done.
  • The DTF twins were back again. At least she was wearing shorts instead of what I swear was just sequined underware. Best part? As they were "breaking it down" this guy goes up to them dancing like a fool and basically scares them off the floor. He was so funny! He did that every time they played non-country music and even started a dance off.
  • About the Non-Country music? Stop it! Or at least let us suggest songs because your choices? Suck!
  • I asked Adam if my dancing and spins had improved. His response? "You were always a good dancer." Thank you, but you are lying.
  • Kyle attempted a new dip at the end of a song. That didn't happen. 1. I'm still working on not fighting Adam when he dips me. 2. I'm not good at following brand new moves. So he showed me twice so I would be prepared for next time.
  • Next time came too soon! Croc tried it on me. Again, massive failure. I basically need dance rehearsal for a few hours before adding anything new in, or it's going to get cray.
  • Me: Croc asked to dance to 'Forever and Ever, Amen.' I think he's trying to tell me something.
    • B: Totes. That must be Croc's version of Engagement Chicken...so are you hungry? 
    • If you're reading this Croc, we are totally kidding. So don't panic.
  • Don't be so surprised when I am actually singing along to the country songs and know who Randy Travis is...I'm not that far out of the country loop...I'm just not in the inner circle.

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  1. Anonymous6.4.12

    1. Chill out with Carlily on all media.
    2. I don't panic. Period.