Marshall's Law

Let me take this back a sec before I explain this law.

I have a massive sweet tooth and I'm sure I've mentioned it on here before. I bake almost every week for crying out loud! Sometimes my sugar cravings are outta control, but they were pretty normal and I have been a functioning member of society for a few months now.

Until this happened:

Girl Scout Cookies. Why must you jack with my life?

I bought all of those, preceded to eat a whole box of tag-a-longs/peanut butter patties/whatever they are being called this year within that day. OMG. I had about two cookies from the other boxes, didn't love em (except for the thin mints, duh!) so I shared them with the co-workers. They are soooo welcome.

The second box of tag-a-longs? Yep, ate that the next day. It's like a drug to me. It's the Bella to my Edward.

This basically kicked off a frenzy. Before I knew it I was craving sweets every moment of every day! I also noticed that when I eat vinaigrette dressing it makes me want something sweet. Does that happen to anyone else, or is it just me?

Oh, what happened to the Thin Mints? I ate half and was going to take the other half to work, but B said she wanted it so I stuck it in the freezer. A few days went by and she didn't touch it. Naturally I started to want it. So I had a few. Everyday after that for about a week and a half I had a few more until they were gone.

A few days later she asked me if I had eaten the cookies. I told her yes and asked her if I had told her about Marshall's Law.

Basically it goes back to growing up and Easter candy:

The Easter Bunny would always leave us baskets of candy: Peeps, Cadbury Cream Eggs, and the Reese's Bunny are my fave. One year I ate all of that stuff from my basket on Easter (well, that part happens most every year). I had my eye on Marshall's candy (that he left on the counter, which basically makes it community) because he wasn't even eating it. I decided that if he hadn't even opened it in 24hrs that I was going to have some of it. To keep this short - I ate it. He got mad. Probably cried (he was really little then) and has never forgotten.
What kind of monster would steal this cute kids candy? Oh wait...
Flash forward to sibling weekend in college: Mom brought Marshall to Lubbock and gave us each a package of peeps. They joked about me not eating Marshall's. I ate them the next day when he was sleeping. (I obviously have a peeps problem). But I took him to Walmart the same day to restock...and made him pay. Kidding! I footed the peeps bill.

OK so the law is this: If you have something that I want (and I gave it to you, otherwise I'm not going to just jack your stuff unless you are my brother) and you don't touch it within 24 hours, then it's up for grabs.

Is that super jacked up? Probably yes. Whatever. I always replace the stuff of Marshall's that I eat. I would have replaced the cookies that I gave B then took back, but honestly? She would probably leave them and I would eat them again. Vicious.Cycle.

Back to the sugar addiction...

A few weeks later I ran into the Girl Scouts again and bought two more boxes of my faves...those lasted 3 days. After about a month of these cravings, I feel like my thirst (if you will) has gone down a lot. Not quite regular level, but I don't feel like I'm going to stab someone for a cookie. BUT I might stab someone for a Peep!


  1. Jes! You've been awarded the Liebster Blog Award! Go check it out at my blog for details! :)


  2. Anonymous9.4.12

    I didn't buy any peeps this year, I always bought them for you, but this year the candy bowl was full of Reeses, eggs and candies and Marshall's egg was filled with all different kind of Reeses. So I guess Marshall rules at GrandMa's. He has always been a Reese's kid. But, I still have your big pink egg, the next time you are here for Easter and I will buy all color peeps. Love you

  3. I looooove Peeps and I'm also a sucker for those chocolate covered marshmallows in the shape of an egg that are packaged in a styrofoam egg crate. Mmmm Easter candy is the best :)