Bug The Efff Out Bag

Sunday was such a busy day! I had my morning run...in the pouring rain. Then I skated my heart out and beat some kids at the skating races. THEN we still had Sunday dinner.

On my way home (thanks for the ride Jes!) Kyle texted to taunt me with his gs cookies...what a peach. A bruised and sour peach that is. (kidding! Thanks for the cookies Kyle!)

When I got there the boys hadn't even lit the grill! B was such a Honey B and bought us the 100th Birthday special edition Oreo's. They were good, but I prefer the regular double stuffed.

I went to the grill with my peeps and make shift roaster in hand while B headed to the treadmill. I was on a skating/endorphin high, and it was a little overwhelming for Croc. I didn't realize I couldn't roast my little bunny over the flame because apparently it's burning off chemicals or something, which is bad for you? What if I like the risk? Whatever. So I tried to roast him over the heat of the coals...yeah, that didn't work out. Great idea Croc. This is why you aren't in charge of peeps roasting. So then I told them about my skating war stores while dancing around and stretching. I had done a number on my legs with the running and skate fest.
I'm sad I didn't get to roast you :(
Croc even let me manage his play list! And by manage, I really mean I grabbed his phone and started skipping through his crap songs until I found (luckily) some that weren't so bad. I may have asked him if he made a play list of crap songs on purpose.
Kyle, Croc (reading his history gift), Adam
Then he invited us to do the Poker run in Innis (the closes Braum's to Houston...I love you Braum's!) and said, "Of course you can stay at my family's house! They would totes magotes love that!" Direct quote, I swear. Ok, Ok, I may have paraphrased it a little bit. I told him that was funny because last week I had mentioned something about meeting his mom and he said "yeah...probably not." We must have had a friendship growth spurt!

Of course we ended the night with some dancing!

Other notables:
  • "Jessica, sit down."
  • Carlyle telling me that the first part of the flip is an uncomfortable position to be in, to which B responds "She seems alright with it, I think you are the one that's uncomfortable."
  • Adam - Ladies, I understand why you would keep trying to wrap your legs around me, but you aren't supposed to do that. Croc - She doesn't do that to me. Wait, should I be offended by that?
  • "Stop eating my food!" Thanks for the bite...and the water I was drinking form your cup earlier. You're welcome Kyle.
  • We gave Croc the present B made (I just supervised). I hope he puts the history book to good use!
  • I'm trying to secure my spot on Croc's survival team so I let him borrow my Zombie Survival Guide.
  • He showed us the contents of his Bug Out Bag and I made a few references as to how that stuff would have been useful in The Hunger Games. I think he agreed, but I have a feeling he doesn't really know what THG is.
  • Found out Adam used to have a lip ring and mohawk. Thank goodness that was bf (before friendship).
  • B sneaking the history book into Croc's BugOut Bag.

  • Croc showing us all of the items in said bag.
  • He's going to do some BugOut bag survival challenge. I asked him if it was like The Hunger Games and the winner is the last one alive...he thinks I'm cray.
  • "I think you licked my arm."
  • After a great round of spins, getting a butt slap and kick off the make shift dance floor. So unexpected but funny; I couldn't stop laughing.
  • Being told I would never get dropped. Next flip? lost grip of one of my hands. To his credit, he didn't drop me, but I almost had a heart attack.
  • The boys were jealous of Crocks ever growing list of nick names, so we gave them some: Eve & Kylekins. They weren't impressed.
  • Croc said he didn't want to seem creepy and ask for our # so I took his phone and did the swap for him. Then I inform him that not only did he text me (xoxo), he also called. His response, "I didn't know I was so into you."

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