They See Me Rollin

We had a skate date with the RKlub girls (minus Shuler because she had plans with the in-laws, and apparently that's more important than friendship. She needs to get her priorities sorted).

I hadn't seen Mandy since B's Christmas Party. And it's been so long since I've seen Allison, that I honestly can't even remember! I saw B on the ride over (carpool!) and Jes the day before.

First thing, we ordered our Pizza! It was a little after lunch, and I was starving! Then we had a catch up sesh until 3 when we got our blades and hit the rink!

This time we all wore workout type clothes since we got so sweaty last time - some of us take our skating a little too seriously and it becomes a sweat sesh (errr...me and Jes).

Thanks to help from Jes, I have just about perfected my spin...in one direction. Derek Zoolander and I have that in common. 
Mandy, Jes, Me, B, Allison
The first race was all girls, 1 lap. There were so many people (errr....kids) that they got in front of us (Jes raced too) and one girl literally held her arm in front of me...as we were skating. Really kids? I obviously couldn't move her arm because I'm an adult, but that was super rude of her!
Skating Competition Rank:
  • 2nd - wheel burrow for team JesJes - (FASTER! FASTER! FASTER!)
  • 3rd - Backwards Skate (sllllooowwwlllyyy but sssuuurrreeelllyyyy.....red and back for 3rd place)
  • 3rd - 18+ up
  • 2nd - 2 laps for anyone who's placed in one of the races that day.
Yes I did a victory lap every time I placed. I may have raised the roof as well. And by may? I mean most def!
Getting ready for the partners race.
One of the boys that I beat challenged me to a redo. So I beat him 4 out of the next 5 times. Yes, I did trash talk him. Yes, he was probably 17, so it's not like he was a child. Yes, he was probably humiliated, given I'm a girl and he was much taller than I was.
Other notables:
  • Jes ran over a kids hand - how rude!
  • None of us fell!
  • A kid told B that Jes and I were immature for doing the races.
  • The music was sooo good this time! They played a few songs from Jam, so Jes and I were having a two person flash mob on the floor.
  • I joined the little girls conga line.
  • Al taught us how to become a better skater - skate with your hands behind your back so you have to rely on your core for balance.


  1. i really miss rollerblading

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