Growing up we always did the traditional egg dying and egg hunts. I loved it!

I remember being really little, back when we lived in Dalhart, and I swear Mom had someone dressed as a bunny come to the house to deliver me something...probably candy.

We would always have an easter egg hunt just me, Andrew, and Marshall. Then we would have one for all the grandkids after Easter dinner at Grandma's. That's when things really got good!

They would usually set either a limit on eggs or color code them because Marshall was so much younger than the rest of us that it wasn't really fair to do a free for all. Oh, and JoJo just sucked at finding eggs. Haha.

One year (I think 2007) it was so cold that we had to take the egg hunt inside. The adults split up the eggs and hid them all around the second story. I think this year it was a free for all. We lined up Marshall, Joanna, Me, Andrew, and Justin. When they gave us the 'go,' Andrew grabbed my leg so I ate the stairs as the boys went over me I think it turned into a mini wrestling match. Of course they won.

Then it got intense when we finally made it to the egg hunt. I think it may have gotten physical, especially between me and Andrew. We are both really competitive, so I'm not about to let him beat me just because he was 4.5 years younger. (Marshall, on the other hand, I would because he's wayyyy younger than me.) I remember at one point he poped the bottom of my basket so my eggs went flying so he could steal them. I was so mad!
The Goods.
Mom and Dad are so lucky to have me!
Impatient waiting for it to start. Glad Marsh has my back.
Let the games begin

Pretty sure this is when Andrew tried to steal my eggs.
In the end I'm pretty sure I ended up with the most. duh.

What's your favorite Easter memory?

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  1. Anonymous5.4.12

    Love all the fun memories, you do such a nice job of writing them. I will miss you this year, I miss you everytime when you are not here. I use to tell PaPa to cherish every moment we had with our grandchildren because someday they would grow up and have their own lives and we wouldn't get to see them as often. I just didn't realize how hard it would be. I have a speical egg hunt planned for Easter, I hope everyone here enjoys it. I miss you but I do wish you a very happy
    Easter. I retired the big eggs except for Marshall, that was really hard to do. I love you and I realize you are all grown up now, I know how hard it must have been for my Mother when all here children and grandchildren grew up, but that is what life is about, God planned it this way. Just remember you are LOVED-Grandma