Steven has the pleasure of being married to Jes. Luckiest man alive. This is the second time that he got tickets to do something and said that I had to enter an essay to attempt to win my ticket. Really? And the essay has to be about him. Jes told me the ticket was mine, but I figured I'd write him a quick essay (word used loosely) just to secure my spot.

Here it is:
It all started back in October of 2011 at our first recipe club when I finally caved to B's invites and decided to attempt socializing. This is the first time I met Jes. I liked her instantly and was curious as to what kind of guy she called her fiancé, but I knew he must be pretty cool. Jes had some people over for a pre Fberg dinner and that's when I first met Steven. He exuded so much awesome that it was almost like he glowed, much like Jesus did when he rose from the grave and went up to heaven (or so the drawings show).
Over the next 8 months I hung out with Steven only a few times (wedding shower, Shonathan, The wedding). It wasn't until July that we started putting in quality time. At this point I was already in love with Jes and we had started our almost daily workout sesh, so it was about time that I started making my permanent spot in her life by winning over Steven as well (which I would say has been quite the success)!

Steven is awesome for many reasons, such as:
  • Married Jes (probably the best decision ever)
  • Part white boy/hood/Vietnamese
  • Drives like a crazy person
  • Let's me tag along on dates
  • Good hair and style (I love the side part...in a non creeper way)
  • Has a fire pit for making s'mores
  • Says funny things
  • Has practically signed on for me to become a sister wife
  • Let's me hang out with Jes on the daily
  • Picks me up from the airport
  • Has a BFF that I'm casually trying to steal
  • Let's me hang with them in NY even when I'm an unintentional db (which I'm really sorry for and wish I could have a do over)
  • Takes me to the cook off
And really, so much more!

Me + Steven. NYE
S loved it so much that not only did they take me to the cook off, but I now live in their spare room! OK. Kidding, I haven't moved in. But they did share some of their wedding cake with me that they opened for their one year anniversary, and that's as good as officially making me part of the O'Connor/Define Family.

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