Pole 1.3

I think I acquired less bruises than the first two weeks. Success!

This week I didn't run right before class...actually I skipped my run all together. And boy am I glad about that! I also forgot my heels. I wasn't glad about that :(

We started with the usual warm up, hip rolls, shoulder rolls, etc. I forgot that I had either pulled a muscle in my right leg, or I have a knot...not sure yet. All I know is it hurt during the warm up stretching. So naturally I also forgot to roll it out when I got home from class. great.

Anyway, we practiced the spins we learned the past two weeks: fireman, one legged fireman, and merry-go-rounds. Then we added a new one...the spiral. It's basically like doing a table top jump except your front heel is hooked around the pole and you are spinning. This is where the whole 'glad I skipped my run' comes in. Forcing my back leg up hurt. After every spin my glute and hamstring on the back leg was cramping up. I was already sore from pump yesterday, so a run right before would have put me over the edge.

Anyway, when teacher came around to evaluate she didn't have any corrections to make. Thank you cheerleading, you have finally come back into play!

We learned another section of the routine and I surprisingly remembered the parts from the week before. Again, I would like to thank HS Cheer for that.

This is the first class that my hands started to feel the burn. Apparently I can expect some super sexy calluses to start forming soon. Until then, I have the pains of precalluses on my hands and fingers. ouch! I also managed to pole burn my whole right arm. Seriously, WTF? Oh, and I busted my ankle on the base of the pole. It's going to be quite a treat when I put on my running shoes in the morning.

Despite the pain I'm enduring, I am really enjoying this class. It's a lot of fun and I love the soreness from using my muscles in a different way than I do in BodyPump.

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