Steven is the best husband ever. EVER!

When I went over for movie night on Sunday he had bought s'more stuff.

I was so excited because Jes and I had been talking about making S'mores for a couple of weeks, but he kept shooting us down. I would have jumped into making them right then, BUT I was full from dinner…and girl scout cookies, so we made plans to roast on Wednesday.

Wednesday after pump and some additional cardio (I motivated Jes with the s'mores, a fairly effective tactic) we finally had s'mores…after dinner and the new ep of New Girl. (Thanks Steven for letting us watch that even though I'm pretty sure you already watched it the day before).

It had rained earlier in the week so Jes laid out the wood to dry. But it was still a little damp. Nothing that more lighter fluid and matches can't fix! Haha. Almost every time we loaded up more mellows on our sticks S would ask if we wanted more fire, then he would pour the lighter fluid on it. Probably not that safe, but totally awesome and it totally worked! I told them it reminded me of Sirius Black because he used to talk to Harry in the fireplace. S looked at me like I was a little cray. But later he was acting like a caveman talking about the fire. So who is the real crazy person here? I'll call it a tie.


I brought over peeps because I had been wanting to try them and it obviously didn't work out during Sunday dinner. Honestly, not worth the wait. Not impressed. They were alright, but I prefer regular marshmallows.

I made two s'mores but the chocolate wouldn't melt. I think I prefer my s'mores from the microwave. BUT I did enjoy the plain marshmallow roast. I probably ate my weight in them. Ahhh! They are soo goooooodddddd! I think roasted marshmallows might be my fave treat to eat. Or a close tie with some good ice cream.

Jes would make a fab hand model.

Dear Jes, Please help me lock down a husband as great as Steven...and by that I really mean one that will buy me stuff to make s'mores and light the fire. xoxo, Jes

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