Awesome & Awkward Friday

Summer is officially here! This has been a pretty chill week. Nothing too crazy happening. I'm linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk. Make sure to check her out!

  • Almost mastering some new pole moves.
  • Adam grilling with me...even though he didn't need anything cooked. That's for being such a great friend and grilling my food for the week anyway!
  • Graduated from Pole 2! Technically, as long as you keep paying I'm pretty sure they'll let anyone move on...but I like to think I earned it.
  • Andrew's ex girlfriend recently got out of rehab and has been sober since May 2. I am so proud of her and I hope she's able to stay strong and beat the addiction. It literally brings tears to my eyes when I think about it because I'm so happy for her progress but also so sad that Andrew wasn't able to do it.
  • Girls Season Finale - Adam's fight with Hannah. Team Adam fo sho.
  • Justin Bieber: New Album-amazing! His two part special (Around The World With Justin Bieber)-amazing!
  • This song:


  •  Finishing Mockingjay (for the second time) while on the gym bike with tears streaming down your face. At least it was really hot so the tears could be confused for sweat.
  • Erica asking me if the real reason I'm not drinking is because I'm 18. haha. I wanted to say, "yes. My Dad didn't want to pay for college but knew I'd need to make money, so he's paying for my pole classes." But I was afraid that she might take me seriously. I told my Dad that scenario and he laughed.
  • When you are watching the 2nd ep of True Blood and 1. fall asleep, 2. realize how bored you are with this season already. Is it time for Vampire Diaries yet?

What are some awkward or awesome moments from your week?


  1. Ok, so I've been out of the loop with my google reader so I'm just now catching up. You'll probably have some comments on blogs that are waaaay old :) First off: Girls. Ok I HATED Adam in the beginning but I'm finding it hard NOT to like him now. But I also have an issue with how fast he went from loser semi-boyfriend to full fledged let's move in together boyfriend. hmmmm.....
    Ok and now True Blood. WHAT IS GOING ON? I'm getting bored with it too and it's making me sad. I'm hoping it gets better because it's been a disappointment thus far :(

  2. I know. I think Hannah was a dbag from the beginning, but Adam was a bigger one. Then he became better and she didn't change at all! I'm fine with her not wanting to move in so soon, it was more of how she handled the situation! She should have talked to him about it instead of giving the room away!

    TB - I hope it picks up! Maybe I'm just used to the awesomeness of vampire diaries!

  3. Thank you. ")

    I miss the family and I'm sad we didn't know each other better. "(

    Although there was the one Christmas that we baked together..

    Oh, memories.

    1. I seriously am so proud that you are doing what it takes to get clean and stay that way. I know it's what Andrew would have wanted for himself and for you! Keep it up!

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