Pole 2.4

We had our first drop out (you will be missed lawyer girl) and a lot of no shows the 4th week. Which just means more time to get help from Erica!

During our strength warm up we have to hold ourselves on the pole in toe touch position for as long as possible while keeping our arms at a 90* angle. I could barley hold it when I started, but now I can keep my self up for a bit. My quads usually end up cramping so I break form.

All of our floor work this week involved laying on our side and doing things with our legs: jelly fish, come and get it, and L split. Not really that hard and you get a pretty good ab workout if you do it long enough.

Our new spin is the pin wheel. I love it! It's like a mix between the backhook and spiral. instead of back hooking, you lift your legs up into spiral (table top) position, but they are away from the pole instead of one wrapped around. (If you expect my descriptions to make sense, then you should probably give up now.)

We learned a little more of the dance, and guess what? It's more improvising!

I'm still working on my pole dismounts. I decided to get really tricky and use all 4 on the way down. It was quite a show. Not a good one, but a funny one. Points for creativity?

Saddly, I missed open pole because I hit up the mall with S+J instead. I feel sad, but I'll def be there next week!

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