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Saturday I slept through my running alarm. This is probably because it was raining pretty heavily the night before, leaking through my window, and running down my blinds, keeping me from my precious sleep. It's a pretty annoying sound. It gets even more annoying when you are thinking about the 4 work orders you've put in with the apartment office about getting your window sealed so that this won't keep happening. It's crazy, but I feel like 1. Their selant must be pretty crappy if they keep having to do this to my window, or 2. they didn't effing seal it. Probably 2. That was a super fun office visit. Oh, and thanks for calling me Brittany. You do know that two people live here right? It's a two bedroom and I know I signed papers. Whatever.

Anyway, I made it to the gym in time for bodypump and some additional cardio. Great start to my day! Then I headed home to shower and cook lunch before taking care of the errands I didn't do on Friday. While eatting, I watched TVD season finale again. (Are you keeping count? that's 3. If you don't watch that show, then you should start, like yesterday.). While I was still chilling on the couch Jess called to see if I wanted to join her for a mani/pedi. Ummm, duh! 

I got ready in record time and we headed over to the nail place. Well, they were full so we made appointments for Sunday and headed over to Sugar Babys. This was my first time. I'm so excited that Jess likes cupcakes so we were in mutual agreement when we saw it across the street. I've passed it a few times and have always wanted to stop, so I'm glad I finally did! I got the chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream (since Hey Cupcake obvs can't provide that for me. Bitter much? duh.) It was so good. Crave is still my #1 cupcake, but this is probably 2nd.

What to do next? Hit up Pleasure Zone. Duh! Oh, do you not usually do that with your bff? ha. I decided it was time to upgrade to some stripperish shoes for pole class. So who better to help me out then Jess. The store had a pole so you could try out the shoes. Since this wasn't on the agenda I was wearing jeans. That was a rough climb up since my thighs couldn't grip it. I think Jes was mildly impressed. The place I take classes use to have 10min time slots you could rent out to bring people in and show them your skills. I told Jess that if they brought that back that I would def bring her to show her my moves. I told her Steven could come too, but I think that could be sightly awkward for him. We looked at some of the clothes, but didn't get anything because I don't want my ass out since this is just for fun and not my job. (Which reminds me...I mentioned to my dad that I was taking a dance class...a pole dance class. His first question? "Are you doing this to make money on the side?" No dad, I have a pretty legit real job, and I'd probably hit you up for money if I ever needed it before I take this show on the road.)

Steven was still out golfing (I think that's what he was doing) so I still had a few hours to play with Jess. So I took her to the running store. She was kind of in awe that all of those shoes were for running. "All of this can be yours if you just take the first step and start running." She passed on that golden opportunity (that New Years resolution of mine is obs not going well. I still have a few months to make it happen. I haven't given up, I've just gone into stealth mode.) I made a quick exchange for a slightly bigger size so I can keep my toes in tact and have less blisters.

Then we hit up Thai kitchen village Cottage. And it was so good. Not Thai Kitchen good, but a close second. When I first moved to Houston the apartment was close to a Thai Cottage so I would eat there every few weeks, but it had been a while so I really appreciated the goodness. 

Our last stop was Whole Foods. Another first! I didn't get the grand tour, but we picked up some perfumes/oils/smell good stuff. Which was a task since I have a cold and can bareley smell anything. But I trust Jess' judgement.

I spent the rest of the evening watching old Vampire Diaries episodes (I'm already having withdraws. I'm really glad I keep all of season 3 on the DVR so I can get through these next few months.) and started making cinnamon rolls from scratch. You know I'm legit like that.

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