Off To The Races

Friday I got off a little early. It was soooo nice!

Most everyone hit up Celtic Gardens, but I'm not really into that, so I decided to go home because I had some errands I needed to take care of...that I ended up not doing becasue I decided that watching The Vampire Diaries season finale was far more important since I had only watched it once.

B called to see if I wanted to meet up with everyone at the horse races. I figured I might as well because it was almost 6 and I had already caught up on my DVR and it was my gym rest day, so my schedule was clear for the rest of the night. I started to hang up laundry before I went (wayyy over due!) and started to feel flakey, so I pep talked myself and headed to the races.

This was my first time so I was kinda excited. I showed up in time for the first race, found McCall and B, ordered some food, then placed our bets. I won $4.60 on the first race! yessss.

After we ate we went outside to join the rest of the group...just in time for the storm to hit. Rain delay! ugh. While the boys stocked up on beer, we chatted and McCall educated me on hourse races, betting, and her strategy.

We ended up cutting out after the 3rd races because the rain kinda killed the mode so the boys were ready to hit the bars. B and I were ready to head home for movie night, and McCall & Jake had a movie night planned as well. (We tried to convince MC to drop jake off at the bar, then head over to our place with The Vow, but she wanted to hang out with her fiance instead. Who does that?)

The ride home was pretty intense. We were basically driving into the eye of the storm to get to the #fortressinthevalley. Don't worry because we made it...obviously since I am typing this up. We popped in Breaking Dawn because I hadn't even opened it since I got it for Valentines Day. I feel alseep about an hour into it.

*side note: This is the third time I've seen it (maybe 4th?) and I dislike it more and more each time! I'm a huge fan of the books and the other movies (of course there are things that I don't like about each of them, but overall, I love them!), but I really don't like Breaking Dawn. Almost everything just feels wrong. Everything is over the top drama...even the score. And Edward? What's with your hair? I hate it. ick. And the wolf sceen when Jacob declares Alpha? How freaking lame. I literally loled when I watched that in the theater. They shouldn't have altered their voices, it makes me think of Power Rangers (which was totally cool when I was a kid, and I totes own the movie, but not cool in BD). BUT I must give props to the special effects people that made Bella look so ick. That? was perfection. Rant over...until I watch it again and get all fired up again.

Moral of the story: Don't give into your hermit tendencies and you might actually have fun and get to hang with "your true friend" McCall.

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  1. i love the moral of the story... i also love MC's shoutout. haha... that girl cray! I'm just wondering about one thing... does hash tag hands get it's own post? because you forgot to talk about it's birth in this post!