Pole 2.3

We learned two new floor moves:
  • Back Roll (on the floor)-I was nervous about the back roll because I've never been able to do one. I always felt like I was going to decapitate myself! Anyway, turns out they are pretty easy! Yes, this was another class that started off by giving me false confidence. great!
  • Windmill kick: You are sitting on the ground and basically windmill your legs from one side to the other. good description? probably not, but then again this isn't a how-to manual.

 And now for the hard stuff: sliding down the pole like a certified stripper. I must admit that even though it's exhausting when we climb up the pole so much, I really love it!
Coming down? that's a whole other situation.

  • Martini Girl: Probably the easiest of the bunch. I need work on my leg placement because I basically just ripped the skin off my thighs. Ok, that was a little dramatic, but it sure felt like it!
  • Body roll yo way down. My mind still can't even process how I'm supposed to roll my body while moving down the pole without falling off. I almost did it, but it was not pretty.
  • Superman (may have made this name up too): This is the only one I can almost do. I can't get my legs from the front to the back just right, but once I get them back there I'm able to land on my toes, slide down, and twist my body so I'm laying on the floor. Def need to increase my core and arm strength.
  • Rocket Man (another made up name): This one looks so cool when Erica does it, but I can't seem to slide down. you get to the top, then only hold yourself with your arms and place your body to the side of the pole (parallel, almost as if you are standing and the pole is to your side), then you back hook the pole with the leg closest to it, and glide down with your other leg pointing at the ground. I have some super cute bruises on my arms for that one.

I think one main problem I have is that I'm scared. I don't trust me to hold me up there, so I'm holding on too tight which prevents me from sliding.

We ended by adding another part to the dance.

This is the first week I actually sent in music requests. I was so stoked that all 3 got played...especially "Boyfriend" by the Biebs.

Oh yeah, this was the first time I wore my shoes...turns out I hate them. And I already messed them up, so I can't even exchange them. I.die.

Sunday Pole: I had gone for froyo 1.5 hours before, so I felt ick when I showed up for pole. I decided to stick to pole climbs since there isn't much spinning involved. Unfortunately, I don't think I improved on anything. And I think I have stripper elbow (is that even a thing?). My elbow hurts so bad as if I fell off a cliff and someone grabbed my arm and it yanked at the elbow joint. Hopefully that'll pass.

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