Awesome & Awkward Friday

What a week. Def not one of my better weeks and Matil's battery dying didn't help. It's clear that I can never have children because I cried when my car wouldn't turn on and it sounded like she was whining...she's not even alive. And the fact that I've named her and referred to her as 'she' and 'her' when talking to the dealership proves that I'm probably not mentally competent to be mingling with the general population.

But there were still some good things that happened this week. I'm linking up with From My Grey Desk and The Bargain Blonde to share my fave 5 Awesome & Awkward moments (well....I guess the awkward aren't necessarily fave moments...). Yesssssssss.

  • The Dark Knight Rises. I really liked the way Nolan wrapped up the trilogy. I know it won't happen, but I do wish that he would continue on with the story that he started at the end.
  • I made these super delish (or as Bennida puts it: cookies = orgasmic) chocolate chip cookies. I'll post the recipe soon because you do not want to miss out on these!
  • Emma said my name! It was so cute!
  • This song:
  • I really think the Dark Mark lives and is trying to take Houston...maybe it's time I get that tattoo removed. I swear it's been taunting us this week:
  • Me on Friday night. There are no words.
  • Mind Blown. Seems legit to me.
  • Kemah Boardwalk picture people. Are you for real? This is from 3 years ago. I swear I've unsubscribed a few times, but you keep haunting me. If I didn't order this the first 20 times you emailed me, I'm probably not going to cave now that I'm not dating this person. Please stop testing my emotional stability (or lack there of).

  • K.Stew, How Dare You! (Did anyone else cry when they read about #kristencheats? Nope, just me? dang it.)

How was your week? What were your most awesome and awkward moments?


  1. OMG why have I never heard of Good Morning, Miss bliss? it was like the prequel to SBTB! So crazy.

    1. Now when they have reruns they call it Saved By The Bell, but it was a very different show. But still pretty good.

  2. Those stamps are so cool!!! Wasn't Dark Knight so goood? I wanted to karate chop things leaving the theater!

    Hope you had a good weekend!

    1. Yeah, Jess makes the best stamps! She's so creative and I believe she still does customer orders. You should def check her site out!

      It was better than I ever could have hoped!