Coldplay was in Houston for two nights. I had put off buying tickets because I really like them I'm just not obsessed.

Luckily they still had tickets for the Tuesday night show, so B and I got those about a month ahead of time.

After work we headed to Blue Fish for some happy hour sushi and to pass time before the show. We hadn't been there before, but it was recommended by some coworkers. Some coworkers whose opinions I no longer value. I'm not going to say it was bad (the worst I had was take out in NY where they had tons of lettuce in my shrimp tempura roll. Who does that?), but it's not worth going back.

The crab in the California roll tasted kinda like tuna salad. I like tuna salad, but not in my roll. The shrimp tempura was ok. I prefer mine with the rice on the outside, but it's not a big deal. It just wasn't bomb.com like RA. And I tried the vegetable tempura. Turns out I just don't like it - that's more of a personal problem. The pot stickers? I almost spit it out, but then remembered I'm 25. B really enjoyed my expression with that one. The only redeeming quality? The chocolate spring roll that B & I shared. It reminded me of the chocolate empanada (I think that's what it's called?) from Ruby Tequilas. They had three mini rolls and a scoop of ice cream. Have you ever tried eating ice cream with chop sticks? You should because 1. you'll eat less, and 2. you'll get a good laugh.

We got to the concert just in time to see Robyn open the show. I've heard 'Dancing on my Own' before, but that was it. Overall, her performance and songs didn't win me over. I feel like she stepped out of the 90s, and her music didn't seem to go with Coldplay at all. Once that assault on my ears finally ended, it was time for the big show!

Everyone was given a bracelet when they entered the Toyota Center, and they lit up throughout the show. It was so cool to see all of the lights!
Coldplay sounded so good live. I knew they would, and I'm glad they didn't disappoint.

Chris messed up 3 times. All were mistakes that I didn't even notice until he would stop and say something along the lines of "Oh I really fucked that one up. Let's do that again. Please don't post this on youtube because we don't want to ruin our reputation of professionalism." It was pretty funny.

They played almost all of my fave songs. I thought they were going to skip 'Clocks' (which would have been blasphemy), but they worked it into their encore...twice! I always liked this song, but now when I hear it I think of Andrew. He would always play it on his percussion stuff (bells?) and on the piano. Which was weird because Coldplay wasn't typically the kind of music he would listen to.

Oh, and there was tons of confetti right from the beginning. And balloons. It was such a great party!

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