That One Time Croc Said I Was Cute

Haha. But really.

We've been working on resurrecting Sunday grill (maybe it would be more successful if Harry let us borrow the resurrection stone?). One week it was a double date situation: Adam & April, me & Kylekins. Awwww.

The next week was a love triangle: Adam, Adam, and Me.

This Sunday we finally had the old crew with some new additions: Adam & April, Kyle, Croc, Other Adam and his lady, Adam's brother, Me, B, and Kat. I'm obviously super good with names.

Anyway, Croc and Kyle started talking about Aggie Happy Hour. I tried to invite myself , but being that I'm not an aggie (red raider fo lyfe!) I just don't think I'll fit in/be welcome. So instead I gave Kyle and Croc the task of finding me a suitor when they go. I gave them a basic foundation of what I'm looking for: age 26-30, taller than me, attractive, good job, looking for a wife. Croc looked at me like I was crazy and told me I'd have to come myself if I was going to husband hunt. Ugh. I told him that he needs to scout it out, and if he finds good prospects then I'll go the next week. And then he told me I was cute.

Ok, it didn't happen exactly like that. It was more of a "What do you want me to say to these guys? I have a friend who's looking for a husband and she's cute." I would suggest leaving the cute part in, but maybe not saying the 'H' word so soon because I might not even like these fools just because they meet the basic criteria. But maybe throw in there how I'm funny, but don't mention the blog because I can't have these fools knowing I'm a little cray before I gig 'em (if you will).
This is great to know that Croc thinks I'm cute so that if I get too old, give up on dating, and marry him, he can at least enjoy looking at me when I'm driving him crazy. The only problem is the last time I brought this up Croc told me he wouldn't marry me if I didn't love him...even if I was the last person alive. I tried to explain to him how Katniss pretended to love Peeta, then she ended up loving him for (real or not real?) real. So I could either learn to love him, or just fake it and he would never know the difference. I don't think he's really buying into this whole plan. Crap.


  1. Anonymous24.7.12

    You need a back up person to marry.....like Pheebie had Joey on friends. What age did they agree on?

    1. I think their age was 30 or 35. But that's coming up too quick! I used to have backups, but they keep getting married!

  2. Anonymous25.7.12

    Didn't know one compliment could mean so much! You can't fake love with me Jess!

    1. It's always good to have a backup plan!