Housewife Fo Lyfe

Sunday I woke up and my back wasn't feeling so great. Not sure why since I hadn't done anything that would mess it up. I thought hitting up bodyflow would help stretch it out...instead it made it worse. I went to the chiropractor on Tuesday since it wasn't getting any better. I decided to downgrade my workouts to only doing the stationary bike since it was the only thing that didn't hurt. Jess is always one to be supportive, so she joined me in Quardio Love Fest week.

Which means I missed Pole. So sad. I had planned on going to watch, but once I got home and curled up into fetal position I realized it was too comfortable to move. I was worried about how this would effect my trip since the simple motion of breathing even hurt my back.

Turns out I didn't need to worry about that after all. If you read this then you know my weekend didn't go as planned. Instead of going to NY I ended up staying in Houston and still taking off. Luckily Jess doesn't work (I guess she kind of works from home) so we had a grand time living the dream.

Thursday she worked on websites while I blogged, hung out, took naps, and had a few "WTF just happened" convos. Still don't have the answer to that, but it was a nice relaxing day. We hit up the gym per usual and then she invited me over for dinner that night. I ended up having dinner with S+J every night this week except for Tuesday (see fetal position above).

Since I was down about the whole change in trip plans, S was nicer than usual and put on True Blood to cheer me up. So sweet! I ended up falling asleep on the couch until Jess woke me up around midnight and I moved into the guest room.

Friday I was up by 7:30 and took advantage of their HBO on demand and caught up on some more TB epps. When Jess woke up we headed to Le Peep for le breakfast. I hadn't been before, and it was adequate. I got the waffle and it was good, just nothing extraordinary. Jess got the biscuits and gravy - they were pretty delish.

I then introduced her to Memorial Bakery where I got a sugar cookie, and she got the cuttest angle food cake ever. A trip to the post office, then back to her couch. We basically just lounged around all day (much to Steven's delight). Then we hit up QLF for our daily sweat sesh. S texted Jess from the weight area asking if she wanted to do dinner with Doug and LeeAnn...and Jess scored me an invite too!

So we rolled up to Thai Spice in our sweat glory and I got to meet Caden for the first time! He is so precious with his serious expression and red hair. I watched him for a sec while Steven showed everyone his new car, and I managed to get a smile and a laugh out of Caden. He is such a sweet baby.

We also had fro yo at Menchies.

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  1. steady missin' yo housewifin' with me.