This Isn't Awkward At All

Saturday afternoon I headed to hang with Brittany and Emma. On my way out there, Brittany called to let me know that Daniel was on his way too.

Great. Just great.

We aren't really on speaking terms, so I already knew this would be awkward. The thing is, if I'm not on speaking terms with someone, then I'm extremely closed off. I can't just act like everything is ok and make small talk as if we are acquaintances. Whatever.

After about 15 min of that uncomfortable situation Brittany suggested we head out to do some activities. Great plan! Cole was on Emma duty so we could have some grown up girl time.

We headed to our fave ceramics painting spot. This time Britt painted coasters while I worked on mini cupcake stands.

Then we had dinner at Hasta La Pasta. Always so good! I love their chicken fettuccin alfredo. I don't typically go out for Italian, so it's always a treat when we go here!

Our next stop was target to get Brittany some workout clothes and DVDs. I suggested 'Dance With Julianne Hough.'

We got back just as Daniel was leaving. Good timing, otherwise I would have left and I hadn't had enough time with Emma yet!

We played with Emma and read her some books before putting her to bed.

Brittany usually dresses her pretty cute but Daniel had just given Emma that M&M outfit he got her when he was in Vegas. Sorry Emma.

Britt wanted to play Just Dance on XBox Connect, but my back wasn't going to allow that. So instead we popped in her new workout video and I supervised and motivated while enjoying Brittany's sweet dance moves!

Although I could have done without the Daniel part (he knows why), the day was great. I love getting to spend time with Brittany and Emma. She's my fave little nugget.


  1. If people buy my superfuture baby clothes that I hate I'm definitely not doing the whole "wear it just to be courteous thing".

    And I'll never surprise you with Daniel!

    1. Haha. and thanks for never surprising me with Daniel...even though I'm kinda getting a Marc surprise on Friday. I guess if I had to chose between the two, I'd rather have that because I'm least irritated with him!