Movie Date, Target Trip...How Did We End Up Here?

haha. That's an excellent question B. So let's start from the beginning.

As soon as 5 o'clock hit B and I were in Matil and headed to RA Sushi.

We got there in record time! But then had a 40min wait. We ordered as soon as we were seated because we had tickets for Snow White And The Huntsman at 7. The service was incredibly fast and we made it to the movie with time to spare!

Something came up after work, so S+J missed dinner, but we found them on the walk to Studio Movie Grill.  Jess tried to jump out from behind a bush to scare us, but it didn't work this time. (Once at the gym she popped out at me from behind the desk. I screamed.)

I had been looking forward to this movie since K.Stew was cast. I just can't help by love her. The more awkward she is, the more I love. And the previews were so good! Ravenna is the best villain ever. Don't get me wrong, Voldy was pretty bad ass with his whole unicorn blood drinking thing, but this chick puts him to shame! She managed to marry a guy and take over his kingdom within 24 hours of meeting him. Respect. And she eats hearts for breakfast and sucks out souls for dessert like a boss.

After the movie we made a Target stop...then B accompanied me to the stripper store.

Please don't mind us as we roll up in a Prius. B's wearing skinnies, flats, and a tee. Me? Sporting a gingham linen dress. We head straight to the shoes. Pretty sure we were not being taken seriously.

Turns out that everyone wears a size 8, so options were limited. I was really excited about the first pair I tried on because you could put stuff in the toe platform, so I was going to go with candy or sprinkles...that dream died when I almost rolled my ankle in the first 5 steps.

I found a few that I could walk in and met my needs, so I took to the pole to test them out. Had I not been wearing a dress then I would have shown off for B a bit. There were two other girls looking at shoes and I wasn't sure if they were just going to the club or if they were strippers/dancers (which term is politically correct?). Once we saw the clothes in their hands we knew it was def the latter. I'm pretty sure I caught them judging me with their eyes. I think they were just jealous that they didn't have a dress as awesome as mine.

I had the best sales lady ever. She was really nice, helpful, and patient as I sent pair after pair back. I seriously tried on close to 10 pairs. When the she rang me up she gave me the dancers discount. In that moment, I felt like I was leading a double life.

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