Pole 2 Graduation

I was so glad for graduation to be here so I could get it over with.

I was nervous, but it was different from last time. I knew that I didn't know the dance. It was so simple, but I couldn't remember it to save my life. And I was nervous about the freestyle at the end. Oh, and my back is still being a little B, so it's making my movements less than fluid. YAY!

I had decided to wear my Under Armor boy shorts because I needed to make more leg contact with the pole. The spanks in my skirt are a smidge too long - when the pole hits them there isn't any friction so I just slide everywhere. This equals way more effort than necessary for my arms. Well, after a run through in my Under Armor I ended up swapping for the skirt and just pushing the spanks up. There is a little too much stretch in the boy shorts and I don't think the girls wanted to see that kind of show. And I def didn't want to give them one.

I couldn't decide on a song. I created a Pole La Teaz play list of options, but I just wasn't feeling any of them, so I made a snap decision on my way to the studio.

I volunteered to go first. Erica asked me what song I wanted, and I told her I had it on my iPod and it was a surprise. I paused it, then switched to make sure it was at the beginning and my iPod announced "Boyfriend by Justin Bieber." Yeah, forgot that the shuffle talks. Haha. Erica was like, "are you serious." Yeah, girl. You know it!

I wish that she had videoed my pre dance speech. (Yes, it was necessary to give a speech.) This is pretty close to what I said:
Justin Bieber's new album was released today, so I'm dedicating this dance to that. Hence my song choice. And I am expecting tips, that's what I wore my shoes with tip slots. I've gotta pay the bills!
Yeah, I'm a little over the top. But you already know.

The dance went ok. There's a moment where I blanked on what came next, and couldn't even function enough to make it up, so I'm just staring at the wall for what seemed like 30sec. Luckily on the video it's actually 1 second. haha. Well, that def threw me off and upped my nerves. So I may have almost tripped in my shoes. My ankle turned, but I'm a pro so I only wobbled a smidge. This is mainly embarrassing because it's not necessarily the height of the shoes that was the problem. I actually do this all the time in my regular heels, sandals, and flats. I don't know what's going on with my ankles, but they are always trying to roll on me. Since I have this issue, I'm pretty quick at not letting them give all the way and regaining balance. Def a good skill to have when you are in 6in shoes.

Oh well. My spins went well, and I def love to watch my spin into the climb. I don't want to say that I'm the bomb.com at it, but it looks pretty good!

The main things I need to work on:
  • Get yo back fixed! (It's a work in progress)
  • Chill the eff out!
  • Get comfortable with freestyle.
So my action plan is this: sign up for the drop in classes and push outside of my comfort zone because I will be USA's 2013 Pole Champion. Ok, the last half of that sentence is a little aggressive. I've already signed up for a few sessions of floor work, spin & teaz, freestyle, and jiggle it to give myself a push.

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