Pole: Spin & Teaz

I really don't know if I mentioned this in my graduation post, and I'm too lazy to look but after level 2 I decided to really push my comfort zone. I want to learn as much as I can and I need to get over my dislike for free styling. My master plan was to add in drop in classes. Since my work schedule is now 8-5 instead of 8-6, it made this goal far more attainable. Don't get me wrong, these classes are difficult, a good workout, and I usually sweat, but I don't like to give up my usual cardio love fest with Jess or body pump. With the extra hour off I'm able to get in my cardio time and get loosened up before going to the pole classes. Win win.

First up was Spin & Teaz. The website says:
Learn a new routine each class that combines aerial spins, floor work, and pole filler moves. This will help students find flow, grace, and style. Plus learn new pole spins and variations. Must have at least 2 months pole dance experience or Level 2-6.
Heck yeah! I love learning new spins, need to work on my floor work, and pole filler moves are always useful!

Amy was teaching this class and it turns out it was her second to last class to teach because she wants to spend more time with her kids. Who does that? Pole family should always come first! Kidding. I took one of my first classes with her over a year ago and she is really good. She's this petite rocker chick mom that I could honestly see rocking it in an 80s hair band video.

Anyway. I learned a few new skills! Yes! Do I have names for them? Nope. I can't remember if she said, but I'll make some up real quick.

K layout. Climb the pole about half way. Put your legs straight out and hold with one arm a little below eye level. I prefer to do single arm holds with my right since it's dominant (since I'm holding with the right, my body is going to end up slightly turning to the left). Keep your right leg straight, parallel to the floor, and keep your left leg straight, but move it down a bit. You'll be making about a 45* angle with your legs, or a 'K' with the pole being the l and your legs being the < (you can move your right up a smidge). Once you have your legs in position lay your upper body back so that it's parallel with the floor, while slightly turning it to your left.

Arabesque fall into spin. (I prefer to do this by standing on my right foot and arabesquing with my left). Stand with your feet facing the pole. Grab pole with right arm a little above your head, and grab your left food with your left hand (pull it up and extend as much as you can). Start to fall to the left and this will put you into a spinning motion. As you fall bring up your right leg to hook the pole. This one is so easy but looks bomb.

Pirouette. This is a great pole filler move. It's so easy, and yet I mess it up. As you are walking the pole, you just do a quick spin on your toe while bringing up the other leg (almost like you are making a '4' with your legs). You can get dramatic with it by pulling back as you spin, but I can't hold my balance very well.

This was such a fun class and I love that you learn something different each time. I'll def be back!

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