Pole Level 3 - Inverts!!

I've been so excited and scared for this level!

So far spins are my fave. They are so fun to do, challenging, and are impressive to someone who doesn't pole.

But the really good stuff happens once you can invert. It takes the game to a whole new level! Some of the moves I've seen the girls do leave me wondering how they are even able to stay up on the pole with hardly any of their body touching it. It's incredible!

On the day that level 3 was to start I got an email from the studio informing those that signed up that we currently didn't have enough people in order to have the class. I went into panic mode and texted the girls that I had numbers for to make sure they had officially signed up. They had. So I encouraged them to peer pressure anyone that they had phone numbers for. It was a pole dancing miracle because we managed to get enough people signed up so the show will go on!

I actually had to miss the first class because the Coldplay concert was the same night. So I made sure to get to the studio on Sunday for a catch up sesh with Erica. I did spins to warm up and then she taught me how to invert. I know I've probably said a billion times, but I've been having a lot of back pain. It had been getting better and was a manageable pain, but then out of no where it got really bad again. I probably shouldn't have gone to pole, but I'm determined to stay up to par with the class. Yeah, I may have been failing to mention this activity to my chiropractor. I'm dumb, I know.

The Invert. Erica laid down the mat and demonstrated the Invert. I honestly don't even know how my body knew what to do, but I threw my legs up there and the right one caught the pole! My left wasn't sure exactly how to position itself, but Erica helped me out. I don't want to say it was easy, but I got it the first time. We haven't learned any tricks or dismounts yet, so I just slid down (upside down) and curved my back as I got to the ground.

You remember how I've previously posted about the gnarly bruises all over my legs. I was hopping that part was over. Surprise! The bruises just became more interesting! I don't know if I'm just gripping all wrong, or if my skin just refuses to glide, but I have bruises all up and down my legs and my left arm...and a few on my back.
This is actually a bruise on my bruise. 

Once I got down, I threw the invert again. Not as smooth as the first time, but still good. I prefer to do it with the pole to my left. So I throw my right foot up to hook my foot behind the pole, while my body goes down and my left foot follows the up motion. You squeeze the pole between your calves, thighs, and your hands should be below your legs (your upside down remember), more near your chest. With the back issues I can't get my legs thrown up as high as they should go, so I always have to adjust my hands because it ends up caught in the thigh area. Once I get up there I don't have trouble holding the position.

After two successful attempts my body basically fell apart. My back decided it gave me all it had, so I wasn't able to easily get my legs up. Great!

Standing windmill kick. This was pretty simple, but again, the back is kinda jacking it up for me. You stand with the pole at your side and hold at chest heights. You windmill your legs by starting with the leg closest to the pole, and as you land you kind of spin. Yeah, that's not a clear description, but it's the best I have right now. I managed to do it twice, but it's really hard for me to lift my legs to the proper heights right now.

Even though I fear my back is trying to paralyze me (my chiropractor said that I'll be getting x-rays and maybe an MRI since it's being super crazy) I don't know how successful this is going to be.

If my body was at it's normal functioning level, then this is what I'd say: I'm really loving this new challenge. Once again I'm using my muscles in ways that I haven't done before and feeling new sore areas, which I love! I can't wait to learn as much as I can in the upcoming weeks! I plan to continue getting my splits back so I can do the split hold (basically the pole acts as the ground and you split on it. It looks so crazy awesome!).

BUT since it's not I'm in more of a I think I'm slowly dying, I'm scared I'm going to have to sit out kind of a situation.



  1. Anonymous2.8.12

    Ouch! At least your bruise looks like a heart :) LOL

  2. I want to try pole dancing but it looks like it hurts.

    1. It does hurt...a lot. BUT it's worth it! Pole class is def one of the things I look forward to every week, even if it does look like I got pushed down the stairs after some classes.