Waiting Sucks

Yes, yes it did. But True Blood is finally back!

I forgot to add HBO...but luckily S+J have it and shared with me.

They were still at S's parents house so I let myself in, let the dogs out, enjoyed my delish freebird burrito, and watched TV. I thought it started at 9 so I showed up around 8:40...turns out it started at 8. In a panic I tried to turn the TV on, but it was set for the playstation. I figured that out after a min and then rushed to find HBO. They have Comcast so I'm not familiar with the channel order. Found HBO...in spanish. I didn't notice at first because it was the sceen where Jessica was playing Rock Band and the singing was in english. I finally found it in English just in time to enjoy the last 15 min. Luckily it replayed an hour later, so I set that to record.

Jes and Steven finally came home. We watched the Mad Men season finale. About that...I've only watched the first season and a few eppisodes from the most recent season. And all I have to say is WTF? Where are the clif hangers? I don't even feel inticed at all about what'll happen next season. I didn't have even one OMG moment. Maybe I'm just used to the shockers of Vampire Diaries and True Blood. Or maybe grown-up shows are boring.

Then we watched Girls. I feel like it went off path from the last episode. Like they needed a few more events to happen between the two. But I still loved it. The fight between Marnie & Hannah was great. They both had good points, but Hannah is kind of an unnappreciative free loader.

Steven decided to call it a night after that...since it was almost midnight. And Jess and I stayed up talking until after 2. I hadn't seen her in two days so we obviously had a lot to catch up on!

At this point I'm half living there so I spent the night again. Monday was my last day of housewife vacation so I really enjoyed it by sleeping in until 8:30. Seriously body, WTF? I never sleep in, not even on the weekends because I like to get up and run and enjoy as much of my time off as possible. But I'm taking off from running due to the jacked up back and was fully prepared for multiple days of sleeping in. One day I woke up at 5:30. What is that?

Jess was already up and about so we made teamwork breakfast. I love it! Pancakes and scrambled eggs. Delish! We watched some morning TV, then I finally indulged in the new epp of True Blood. So good. So good.

I spent the rest of the morning watching The Client List marathon and drifting in and out of napps, then we had lunch at RA. I got pancake batter on my dress so Jess lent me her closet for the day. Thanks Jess! Her closet is probably a little cooler than mine...except in the casual/sundress area. Who doesn't love sundresses? Apparently Jess.

I had the most delish Vegetable Tempura Roll (seriously my fave thing to eat ever. ever.) and the california roll. Then back home to contuine the marathon and napping pattern. And we had some Oreo's. Jess loves the cookie part and sometimes I only like the filling, so we make a pretty good pair. haha.

Then we parted ways for a few hours. She went to Yoga and I went to pole practice. I had a lot to make up for since I missed on Tuesday, and my Sunday session was kind of weak. Then we met back up for BodyPump. I really missed bodypump since I had to miss for a week. I did low weight since my back was hurting on squats, lunges, and the cling-press. I felt like a little bitch. But it did feel good to reclaim our front row spots!
Picture from J.Def.


  1. why does it have to be over.

    and three things of little importance:
    1. no, sundresses are never going to be a part of my wardrobe
    2. we have DirecTV, not Comcast
    3. and that part about "it was the sceen where Jessica was playing Rock Band" had me seriously confused because I thought, when the hell did we play Rock Band? I legitimately thought you were just straight up lying. HA

    1. 1. Whyyyyy? Give into the sundress!
      2. Oh, that's right. Comcast is so tricky!
      3. haha. There are just so many Jessicas in the world!