The 4th of July. America's Independence Day.

Growing up in Canyon contributed to this being my fave holiday.

I lived on main street so we always had a front row seat for the parade and just a short walk to fair on the square. The epitome of small town life. You would always see everyone you knew at the square.

Anna and I had a July 3rd ritual (I'm blanking on exactly when this started, but I think 8th grade) where we would spend the night together, watch Titanic, and she'd paint our nails like American flags. There was one year that she was on mission trip so she called me the night of the third while I carried out the Titanic portion of the evening with her over the phone. We did this through all of high school and a few times in college. We were a little weird growing up. I bet you never would have guessed that! haha.

Starting in 2005, the 4th took on even more significance by becoming my anniversary with Daniel. This has since become a noniversary...obviously, and a day that I kinda dread due to the memories that come with it from the past 7 years. ugh.

So this year my main goal was to survive the day without laying around crying while watching New Moon on repeat and eating my feelings. I started out the day by continuing the Vampire Diaries marathon I started the night before, then hit up the matinee showing of Magic Mike. Cole & Brittany were actually in town, so they were my next stop. We played a few rounds of Skip-Bo and just hung out. And I got some face time with Emma! She is hands down the cutest baby ever. I fear that my future babies (if I'm so lucky to have them) won't be as cute as this child. At 5 they headed to a cookout and I headed home for more Vampire Diaries. What better way to spend a noniversary, then to spend time with my fave Salvator brother.


Oh, and who can forget Jer-bear?

 Oh heck, all of the boys on this show are cute!

Overall I'd mark the day as a success because I managed to survive and enjoyed a lot of eye candy in the process!

How much do you love July 4th? And which Vampire Diaries character is your fave?

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  1. Anonymous6.8.12

    I have always loved 4th of July, I think it is a romantic holiday. My husband thinks I am weird.