Pole 3.2

It was good to be back in class after missing the previous week due to the Coldplay concert.

My back was being extra janky this week, so I was very nervous about my participation level.

So I came up with a plan to help things. Step 1.After work I headed to QLF for a quick cardio session on the bike. It actually really helped loosen up my hips (they were also giving me trouble) and get my back warm. Step two of my brilliant plan was to icy hot the crap out of my body! Seriously though. I hit up my lower back, bum (my back is messing with a muscle on the left side), and my hips. I smelt so minty fresh! It felt soo good once the cold hit. and I was able to do most things without any pain.

Am I endorsing this as a plan to success that everyone should do? Absolutely not. The responsible thing would probably be for me to sit out of pole until my back starts acting right. But when I was discussing that option with my mom I started crying because I didn't want to end up with a different instructor or classmates. I've been with the remaining 3 of these girls for 18 weeks now! Pole sistas fo life!

Turns out Jay wasn't exaggerating too much about the floor work portion. After pole circuits we had a floor free style sesh for one song, which seemed like 12min, but was probably just 3.5 min. That was exhausting, but I think I'm getting better at the crab crawl/mobile sexy bicycle (I can't remember what I previously referred to it as). I almost did it all the way to Cierra, but that ended up being too much work.

Then we moved onto spins.

V Spin. Basically you are spinning with your legs in toe touch position facing the pole. Not too bad, but my quads always cramp from holding my legs up. And it would be nice if my legs had muscle memory on how to naturally rotate my hips up from cheer days. I told Cierra that we might need to bring the toe touch back in order to make this work better! It's nice because Erica said we can have a choice on how to grip the pole: Top hand facing so the thumb is pointing up. Bottom hand either thumb pointing down or you can have the thumb pointing up! Sweet! I feel stronger when I have both hands pointing up, but some spins just don't work well that way. Luckily this one does!

V Spin with Bent legs. Same thing but bend legs at the knee so they are ready to land when you get to the ground. Doesn't look as cool, but my legs don't cramp up either. I guess optimally You'd do the V spin, then end up bending your legs as you land...if you don't want to land on the floor. Whatever.

V lift into invert. Apparently it's not really proper to just throw your legs up to get the invert. Dang. So she showed us the proper way: stand to the side of the pole gripping about chest height, then begin to raise your legs in spread eagle until they make it all the way up to grab the pole. And this is where I had trouble. My back was allowing me to succeed in the other areas, but drew the line here. I'm going to hope that as my back continues to heel that I'll soon be able to lift into this without any issues. Until then I'm going to sneak in core work (against dr.'s request) to help the situation out.

Then we learned some of the dance. As I expected, there is more free style.

What we learned so far:
  • Aphrodite's touch while laying on the floor.
  • floor free style
  • Mermaid pose then get up pretty
  • Merry-go-round then spin.
  • free style.
Not too much happening yet. But I feel like Erika has officially kicked us out of the choreographed nest, so I hope I learn to free style on the way down.

Oh, and the music this week? So good! It's always good, but this time I requested a few songs and she played 3 of them!
  • My Beloved - Alex Claire
  • As Long As You Love Me - Justin Bieber
  • Promises - Nero (Can't remember which version we used)

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