A Letter To My Back

My dearest back/spine/muscles/whatever is making you hurt,

I know that I've been giving props to my legs for working hard no matter what I throw at them (even though they try to fight the running). And my upper body for the hard work it puts in at pole. But I don't want you to ever think that means that I appreciate you any less. It's just that they get worn out faster than you do, so I have to pep talk them and baby them more than I do you.

Without you, my dearest back, I wouldn't be able to do anything! You are the glue that holds everything together. And when you aren't working properly, everything else crumbles.

I'm sorry if you felt like you needed to practically paralyze me so that I would love and appreciate you more. I've been taking you to the chiropractor twice a week to pay you extra attention and get you back to optimal function. I even bought you a massage to show you how much I love you! You are so important to me that I've cooled it on a lot of my physical activities (per your demands) so that you can have a break.

Today we went to the regular doctor and got you some muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory meds. So please, please, start working at full throttle again. You are a very important part of this team and I can't enjoy life the same without you!

I know that you are dying to get back to your regular activities! The rest of the body is too, but we can't do it without you!




Yeah, so I went to Jiggle It (it's exactly what it sounds like), and I ended up sneaking out after the warm up because my back wasn't having it. I was in so much pain that I called my mom crying from the parking lot. After many tears about how much my back hurts and it's interference in my daily activities, she suggested that I head to my regular doctor. So I did.

After the doctor ran some tests to make sure it wasn't anything with my kidneys, she concluded that it's probably just a muscle strain. Great. I wish I had come to her in the first place because my chiropractor was telling me it was just because my spine was squeezing some nerves wrong (seemed likely because that's happened before, but not to this level of bad and for this long). She prescribed some anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers.

I was hoping the muscle relaxer would dull the pain or something! Instead it made my head fuzzy (only the first few times), but the pain was still vivid. After a week of the meds I am finally feeling better. Not better enough to actually live my life, but when I got out of bed on Saturday morning I didn't say any profanities. (It's quite the task getting out of bed half asleep because you don't always remember that you are injured).

I am disappointed because not only has my back interrupted my regular workouts (I miss you my dearest bodypump), and weekend fun (no dancing or two stepping for me), but it's also put a hold on my promising stripper career. (kidding dad, it's pole dancing for fun...not money. And I keep my clothes on.) I called the studio to let them know I wasn't being lazy and skipping out. Honey said that if I'm better by level 4 that I should just sign up for it and she'll catch me up on the level 3 stuff because she has a pole at home. So that's my current game plan. I really don't want to take another instructor or be with other classmates because Erica, Jay, Honey, & Cierra are my pole sistas fo life! (even though they wouldn't get the matching pole tattoo on their index finger...which I was kidding about, but I think some of the girls thought I was serious).

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