The Most Double Non Date Ever

I had invited a few people to dinner...but only Adam & April, and Croc could attend.

So Friday I met Adam & April, and Croc at Lupe Tortilla for Dinner. Croc and I split Fajitas (which were so delish) and he paid for dinner (whapshhhh)...in exchange for me taking care of his drinks that night.

While the boys got caught up talking about politics or something that April & I weren't into, we chatted on the side. The more I hang out with April the more I like her. Good pick Adam!

Croc was supposed to have a real date/concert thing after dinner...but he got dumped. Ok, he didn't get dumped, but whatever. So we all decided to meet up with Kylekins, his parents, and some more friends.

I dropped my car off, consulted with B on the dangers of taking my muscle relaxer and drinking (I have to take them with food, but I had a drink with dinner, yeah). She said I wouldn't die or anything, so I took them since I wouldn't be driving the rest of the night. (Please note that I do not promote this behavior, because you might die even though I didn't). Luckily it continued to have the same effect on me as when I'm not drinking-None. Yay!

So Croc picked me up and we headed to Volcano. I sat on the bench with A&A and Croc sat with Kyle. Kyle's mom was insisting that she could still talk to Croc if he was sitting on the other bench (by me), but I don't think Croc was catching the fact that she thought we were together together. So I chatted with April and continued to weave our friendship bracelet.

Kyle's mom was so kind as to buy us a round of drinks. I don't remember the technical name, but it was basically a frozen rum and Coke. When someone buys you a drink, it can be quite the tricky situation because you feel obligated to drink it even if you don't like it. This was one of those times. I don't really like coke, or rum it turns out (unless it's Malibu!), so I waited until it melted and chugged it. As we were leaving I met Kyle's dad and he asked if I was with Croc. Croc was sitting by me at this point, so he told him that we are just friends. Which is accurate, but the way he said it was as if he was ashamed at the though of otherwise. Way offensive Crocadilly! But was is far more offensive is the way that it was so apparent that Kyle had never mentioned me to his parents. WTH? We used to hang out all the time! My parents know about you, even if they can't identify your name. I digress...

We headed over the Baker Street Bar (maybe? I don't really know, I don't go to these bars often). On the walk over I serenaded Croc with the Aggie fight song. And then he feel in love. He didn't really fall in love, but he was surprised that I knew it.

Someone scored us the large connect four so we entertained ourselves with that for a bit. I played Kyle's dad in a death match that he ended up winning. Sucks for me. We played, we drank, we chatted. Then Croc dropped me off on his way home...after arguing about which Lonely Island song is best: Natalie's Rap or Mother Lover. Umm? Natalie's Rap, duh!

It was a good time. This is not my typical night out because I am a lover of dance! BUT since my back is still healing, I must take it slow and enjoy these more laid back nights out.

And Croc, you are welcome for not making it totally awkward by calling you "Babe" and acting like you were denying our love. I know how easily you can get flustered.

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