Awesome & Awkward Friday

What a week! Every day this week felt like friday. What's up with that? I guess it's the anticipation for this weekend. Steven, Croc, & I all had birthdays this week (7,8,9). We are celebrating Croc's tonight and mine tomorrow night. Can't wait!

I'm linking up with From My Grey Desk and The Bargain Blonde to share my fave 5 Awesome & Awkward moments from the week!

  • Emma called me on Brittany's phone. Britt got to the phone before I answered so Emma didn't even get to talk to me. How rude! I haven't seen her in two weeks so she probably misses me. (Please keep in mind she's only 1.) Brittany also sent me a video of her trying to get Emma to say Happy Birthday and my name. It was so sweet that I may have cried a little.
  • Lunch meeting at work. 
  • I made this for my bday (I'll share the delish recipe next week):
  • Yesterday was the one year anniversary of me & Jess attending Quality Life Fitness.
  • I really wanted to wear my cupcake costume for my bday and play this song all day:

  • I was googling how to make homemade cake taste more like box mix...apparently everyone else is trying to make box cake taste homemade.
  • My body has picked up this new habit of not breathing while lifting. I love feeling like I'm going to die when at the gym. WTF body? Inhale, exhale - it's not that hard!!!
  • My lower back and hips. WTF?!? Act right already!
  • Last night we did BodyJam 50. I didn't like it when we did it two weeks ago but figured I'd give it another shot. Turns out I liked it even less the second time. I left halfway through the class when we took a water break. Sorry Katie!
  • The fact that I can remember anniversaries to random stuff like that...
Tell me something awesome & awkward about your week!


  1. Everyday this week has felt like Friday for me too. At least today it actually IS Friday!

    1. Isn't that the worst!

      Luckily this week went by at a more reasonable pace!

  2. That is too funny about the cake!!! Homemade is the best definitely! I'm sure yours tasted delicious :)

    1. Honestly, that was the best cake I've ever had in my whole life! and it was super easy to make!