Awesome & Awkward Friday

This week was crazy at work, which caused me to be a little on edge from 8-5. But this just makes me appreciate these few days off even more!

Linking up with From My Grey Desk and The Bargain Blonde to share my fave 5 awesome & awkward moments from the week!

  • Groupon had a special for the Santa Hustle Half Marathon. Who can resist dressing like Santa? Not me! I can't wait to pick up my shirt, Santa hat, and beard!
  • Made these Fruity Pebble Treats:

  • Halo game night with Croc & Adam!
  • Jess and I used to workout almost every day together. Well, after the longest month of my life full of solo workouts, Jess finally rejoined me at BodyJam & BodyPump. I always enjoy my workouts, but it's so much more fun when she's there!
  • I can't get enough of this song!

  • Remember that time I signed up for the Santa Hustle? Yeah, totally rolled my ankle twice during Jam that same day. Not good since my racing season officially kicks off on October 1st and I really need to work on getting my strong base back. Yeah...
  • Admitting to the hairdresser that it had been 8 months since I'd gotten a trim. Luckily she said it didn't look bad and I only had to part with 4 inches!
  • About Halo night...I did terrible. We played capture the flag, something about collecting skulls, hot potato, and I think a few others. My lack of skill breaks my heart. I used to play like a boss.
  • On my way home I saw someone get arrested for dealing drugs. "Where's his bullet proof vest? Is he the sacrifice?" - The lesson: Deal drugs = go to jail. 
  • When it's past my bedtime my body starts shutting down. My face starts to fall asleep, my words kind of slur, and I am more prone to walking into things...it basically looks like I'm drunk even though I'm not. Croc got to witness this as I walked home after Halo.
Tell me an awesome and awkward moment from your week!


  1. stopping by from the bargain blonde...feel free to link up here too!

    1. Thanks for visiting!

  2. I do months in between my trims too! I would LOVE to see pics of this Santa Hustle thing!

    1. As long as I can stay injury free I will have pics to post in December!

  3. fruity pebble treats?? send me some haha

    Happy Sunday! Drop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello!

    1. If I didn't eat them all, I would!