Call Me Maybe? No.

My friends have finally moved their social time from day drinking to going out at night = dancing = I'm more than willing to join in!

Friday we had a champagne meeting at work. I didn't even have a whole glass, but enough to make me choose nap time over gym time.

So I stopped by Target on the way home (in an effort to stay awake and rethink the gym part) then headed home for a 1 hour nap..that turned into 3. I woke up to Laura calling asking something about Southwest and PTO. I have no idea. I was so dissoriented.

Around 9 Bri texted to see where the heck I was since I had assisted in peer pressuring him to go out with us...and then I wasn't even there. I threw on a skirt & heels, touched up my makeup, ate, then was out the door. When I got there I was surprised that it wasn't more of a shit show! Almost everyone had been there since about 4p. But it was still a pretty good show! Some guy called Taffan dumb...bad move. I've never seen her so fired up before! I'm not sure how to handle her like there, so I let B take over.

A little after getting there I was told that in 30min they were heading to a party at Aaron's house. Yeah, that's not what I signed up for...so I headed home and watched Inception. I could have stayed out with the other guys, but they looked like they were more interested in picking up girls than hanging out with me. Totally weird, right?

Saturday was my regular routein: run, macarons, gym.

Then Saturday night I met up with B, Brian, & Taffy so we could hit up midtown for Jason's bday.

On our walk over this guy yelled at Brian how he's the man because he had not one but three fine honeys. Yep. It was pretty funny.

We hit up Celtic & Pub Fiction. We drank, we danced. It was great!

A few things:
  • One trick that I've learned when out is to stand really close to your guy friend so that potential pursuers will not be able to tell if you are with him with him, or not. It was pretty successful and only a few strangers approached. The problem is when you are with a big group and they are all friends with Brian, so they are aware that he's actually dating someone that's not you, so they feel the need to try and chat me up. Ummm, no.
  • As a guy walks by me "Hi, I'm (name here, because I don't even know). What's your name?" I answered and shook hands. "What's your number?" Shoulder shrug. "Are you serious?" "Yeah, I literally just met you." "And this is crazy." "No." - shut down. I will give him credit for trying to work in 'Call me maybe?" and I'm sure someone else went for it, but not me.
  • Just because I'm dancing and Brian only refers to me as stripper does not mean you can dance on me. You can dance near me, that's fine. But DO NOT just assume you can touch me.
  • Some pocket sized guy tries to chat up B. She wasn't havin it. He keeps attempting. She gives Brian the look. So he becomes our bouncer and tells the guy that we are with him and we just want to dance so he needs to move.
  • The last song of the night was 'Too Close' (one of my faves!) but BriBri ushered us out like he was our father when we were still trying to dance!
  • "I will literally roll out of this car and die." Jenna, you are so funny. I had no idea!
They dropped me off at my car (Trust, I only had a few drinks and water most of the night because I was really just there to dance and had yoga plans in the morning.) on their way to the after party. I was so tired and my feet were swelling so I opted to go home. In my college days I had no problem staying up all night and still getting to work at 8. There was one week in the summer that we would stay up until 5a, then I'd go to work and class at 8a. I was probably more functional than everyone else because I was drinking water and not beer (eww-def not a beer girl) those nights.

Anyway. I got in my car and was turning on my ipod and selecting a drive mix when some guy (possibly homeless) noticed me, stopped in the middle of the street and started dancing for me. Hilarious!

Then I got home, watched Bridesmaids, read, then went to sleep. So really, I probably could have gone to the after party because I was up until after 3...oh well.

I really have missed dance parties with B & Taffy Tafferton (the origional heart hands vault members). So I'm excited for them to continue!


  1. Too bad you didn't get a photo of guy dancing in street!

    1. I know! I considered grabbing my phone...but I was afraid he might go from dancing to mugging!

  2. Anonymous4.9.12

    ummmm ....momma didn't know about the all nighters at college.... just wait till you are a mommy..... :) I love you Jes

    1. I was up all night but not doing anything bad. If I have a daughter just like me, then I don't have anything to worry about.

  3. Anonymous4.9.12

    You can't expect to meet a future husband if you always try to look taken... Just Sayin

    1. good point. But the guys I meet in the bars I like to go to are not the kind of guys I would bother dating. Thus why I'm there to have fun with my friends and not husband hunt.