Cinnamon Toast

This is my favorite breakfast that Mom made when growing up. I love cinnamon toast. I tried to make it for someone once, but they complained that there's too much cinnamon & sugar on it. Ummmm....it's call Cinnamon Toast for a reason. I don't know why, but Mom's still tastes better than mine. Must be a mother's touch.

I don't eat this often because I don't always have a reason to carb (and sugar) load. But sometimes I like to get crazy and have it for breakfast anyway!

Cinnamon Toast
Butter - I use reduced fat Country Crock
Bread - whole wheat
  1. Turn oven on to broil.
  2. Mix cinnamon & sugar in a bowl until desired taste.
  3. Coat bread with unhealthy amounts of butter.
  4. Spoon that delicious cinnamon sugar onto it.
  5. Place in oven and broil until it's all melty and delicious looking (typically around 5 min...don't leave the kitchen because it can go from perfection to burnt in no time!).
This isn't really a recipe with exact measurements...you just have to do what your heart tells you. I like a good thick layer of butter (not Paula Deen thick) and heaps of the cinnamon sugar mix. When the butter melts it it makes the bread gooey, and having a lot of the mix helps it to kind of crystallize a bit. 

Anyway, good luck and I hope you like it!


  1. mmmm i love cinnamon toast. and agreed, my moms cinnamon toast ALWAYS turns out better than mine. maybe you have to be a mom to have the perfect touch?

    1. I'll be going home in a few weeks and will def make this request from my mom. I hope it is a mom thing so my future children will thinks it's awesome when I make it for them!

  2. My moms oatmeal always, always tastes better than mine no matter if I do the EXACT same thing! It HAS to be that mother's touch. Mom's laundry always smells better too. Not fair!

    1. Totally not fair! Hopefully those skills will magically be passed down when we have kids!