It's time to assess last year and make goals for 2013.

I accomplished most of my goals last year: baking more, running, my apartment is pretty tidy. I didn't fall in love, but I fell in like a couple of times...good to know my heart isn't stone after all. My cooking frequency continued to go downhill...oops. And I didn't turn Jess into a runner, so I'm going to sub in Brittany since she did her first 5k with me. I'm going to try and get her on board for a few more this year. She's going to love it!
SO this year I've decided to become all around more awesome. Can it get any better than this? I don't know, but let's find out.

  1. Last year was plagued with a freak show of injuries, so this year I plan on continuing to listen to my body when it's over worked and let it have a break instead of calling it a baby ass. 
  2. As long as that goes well, then I plan on getting more aggressive with the amount of weight I'm lifting. It's going to be easy to push my lower body, so I'm going to be giving my upper body some tough love.
  3. Running - I'm going to stick with 6 races. 
  4. Also to get a sub 2 hour half. I'm typically on pace for the first 6 miles...but after that I tend to check out. 
  5. Run 1000 miles.
  6. Domesticate myself. I used to be all about that shiz, but these last two years I've slowly stopped cooking. I can't even remember the last time that I made a real meal, so I need to get back to the kitchen for more than just baking.
  7. Dirty Dancing lift with Jess. This is one of those things that sounded like a good idea as I said it, but may not have been so smart. Whatever, challenge accepted. So what happened is: we were watching Dirty Dancing and I asked S if he thought Marc could dance like that, lift included. He said no. I asked if it was because I was fat. He said no, it's just hard and he probably couldn't even lift Jess like that (his wife, in case you think I'm talking in third person). So I said that I could. And the bet was made.
  8. Pole Dancing - I'm not sure what all I'm going to be learning this year, or how well (or not well) I will be at it...so I just plan on continuing to expand my skill set and getting my split back.
  9. Compete in pole. This one is extremely tentative because I have severe stage fright. But after going to Melee On The Bayou and watching the girls compete, it got me kind of excited. I'm really bad about getting these crazy ideas and committing before thinking it all the way through, so we'll see how I feel when the competition comes around. (I've almost committed to training for a sprint triathlon every time Steve suggests it...but I've managed to hold off). 
Anyone else have any goals for the year?

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