Awesome & Awkward Friday

TGIMFingF! But seriously. This was another rough week. There were even tears. And stress eating of the cookie variety. It was really sketchy there for a few days. It would probably be easier to make a "Do you know what I hate about this week other than everything?" list. BUT I will try to pep it up and ficus on the few non craptastic moments. And how can I be in a bad mood after getting my Vampire Diaries fix last night! (OMG, so good!)

Linking up with Lauren and Jeannett.
  • I hit up spin for all three morning classes. It was great. Spin shorts? not so great. BUT I do eat bacon for breakfast on those days, so it's totally worth it!
  • My makeup bag managed to disappear between the time of me getting ready at the gym and getting home that night. Not sure where it went, or if someone took it why they would want used makeup and deodorant. SO I had to bite the bullet and replenish.
  • I had lunch with B (#BJHouselives). The best part was hiding in the cut out of the elevator doors when I accidental pushed the button too early and reopened the full elevator. It was B's brilliant idea, and def better than getting the stink eye. There were def ab work inducing laughs.
  • "I did my waiting! 12 years of it in Azkaban!" That's what it felt like after not seeing Jess for 16 days. BUT She made a triumphant return to Jam. She's the only person that I don't mind dancing in my space...probably because it's usually me crowding her.
  • I got this super cool app, got sorted into Gryffindor, and can't wait to duel with Chandany next week!


  1. Seriously, I LOVE all the Harry Potter references!! Have you been on Pottermore?! It's fab! =) Stopping by from H54F, and I'm your newest follower! Your blog is too cute! =)

  2. EEEEEKKK! THAT'S why you posted that Clinique pic on Instagram! WHO WOULD DO THAT!?!!