Wanna Play Real Housewives?

After getting our nails done at an overpriced Amarillo shop, we stopped for a late lunch at Ruby Tequila's.

This is by far my fave tex-mex place to eat. And I will forever be heartbroken that they closed the Houston Midtown location. Moment of silence, shall we?
We met up with two of Kara's friends: Amber & her sister Lynne (I really can't remember).

While waiting for them I realized that it was Wednesday which means it's all day happy hour! I asked Kara if she wanted to play real housewives and get drunk before 5. She looked at me like I was crazy.

I ordered the large Ruby (also my fave drink. Actually the only drink that I actually enjoy) and she ordered the small. Probably the best idea since she was driving. I fully enjoyed my drink, and would have gone in for a second one, but I couldn't fit anymore liquid in me.

It was cool to finally meet Amber. I've seen her in Kara's pictures and think she's exceptionally good looking. So I shared with Kara about how pretty I thought she was and how she had the best lips with the best color...so naturally Kara told her all of this. Thanks for making me look creepy. Who's the ahole now?
Jacked from @kamercer
After lunch we headed back to Canyon. We stopped at the local coffee shop that I didn't realize existed and then took some photos since Kara has, you know, arrived at photography. haha. Kidding. I seriously think she's a great photographer, but today she was an insty photog. I posed for Kara, and apologized for my redic face. We took some pics inside the coffee shop, outside the coffee shop, and in a strangers yard. 

Yep. This yard had a cool aluminum trailer with some Christmas decorations. The decorations had all fallen over, so I set them up and started posing. 

When we got back to her house she started doing some real photography editing, and I started blogging. What a presh married couple we would make.

I was cracking up at what I was writing and then this exchange happened:
Kara: Are you writing something mean?
Me: I'm laughing, wouldn't that mean it's something nice and fun?
Kara:No, because you are always writing mean things.
She was partially right...because I had just typed a sentence about how she hated old people. She told me I had to write how I was kidding so people wouldn't think she was mean. but I assured her that I only type the truth and people needed to know it.

Somehow, she still loves me. 


  1. ooo im loving your huge scarf, it's so cute and cozy. ugh and i HATE when they close down amazing places. like i'd be prepared to support the restaurant single handedly if theyd only tell me haha. and i like your style, going all real housewives on us. id be down ;)

  2. Fun photo, love the red wall!

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