That Time That I Used My "I Mean Business Voice" In Front Of My Mom

After assessing my TV watching habits I figured it would be a better idea to cancel my cable and just go with Hulu.

So I called up my cable provider...and that fool told me I had just started a one year contract.


I started out kinda nice when I asked him to explain because I'd been with the company for over a year and a half with my contract ending about 6 months ago. Apparently when I moved my service to my new place they put me into a contract. The lady that set this up for me had failure to share this bit of info.

So things got pretty heated. I don't yell, but my volume does go up and my voice is far more stern. I feel bad that this is the guy that had to help me that day because I don't play nice when I don't get what I want (especially since I didn't sign off on a new contract).

If you frazzle someone, then you are more likely to get things accomplished. I know it sounds bad, but it works. (Sometimes kindness works, but today was not that day).

I may have said some things along the lines of :
  • do they have failure to train employees on proper procedure and full disclosure, or do they just train you to be incompetent and lie.
  • I should have known better than to continue service with you after the poor service we received with our cell phones.
  • What is this, a Merry Christmas you were tricked into a contract present? (I almost started laughing at that one)
  • Do you have record of who I spoke with last time because I would love to give her a call and discusses why she gives out contracts like it's candy.
I have yet to get out of my contract, BUT he did give me $100 off of my next bill. I almost told him to keep it because I don't want their money, I just want out of the bogus contract that I didn't agree to. But I figured I'd take it and call back later.

And that fool had the audacity to try and get our cell phone services back. I asked him if he was crazy, told him I'd pass, that I will be ending my service when my trick of a contract expires, but thanks for the credit on my account.

I thought my mom was going to lecture me on how I handled that conversation, but she said I did a good job. Maybe she was afraid I would rage on her next.

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