Awesome & Awkward Friday

As you read this I am on my way to NYC. Swoon. Houston has kind of skipped over winter, so I'm a little nervous about the temperatures and potential snow that await me.

This week was great! Started out with a holiday, work didn't make me eye my letter opener while considering a victim, and now I get to head to a wonderful city for the most fun work event of the year!

Linking up with Lauren, per the usj.

  • I've spent the better part of my evenings on my foam roller trying to get my IT band loose and laying on a tennis ball rubbing out the tightness in my back and glute. I must be internally bruised at this point, but it's not showing on my skin. Win?
  • JesJess is back and dominating the front row at QLF. I'm so excited to have Jess back in workout club! My workouts are seriously 200% better when she's there. I made sure to dedicate my curls to her on Wednesday. 
Please excuse us while we victory dance our domination.
  • I punched myself in the face during bodyjam on Tuesday.
  • After a baking fail two weeks ago I finally got back in the kitchen and made it my bitch! New release jam brownies will be enjoyed by all!
  • I'm mildly worried that I won't survive the weekend. My lack of sleep (I'll be up at 3:15a to get ready and head to the airport), low alcohol tolerance, and blizzard conditions are the perfect storm for death. B, Taffy, and I are going to use the #BJvault buddy system in hopes of making it  back alive.

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