Joint Custody

I feel like my visits home are a joint custody battle between everyone that I want to see. Since I didn't have my own car for the first part of the trip I was having to coordinate with my friends for transportation and shelter.

Luckily I have a few that will take me in, despite what I write about them on here.

I decided to opt out of Kara's dinner with her friends to head over to Lindsey's, but I'll def have to hit them up next year.

Lindsey is preggs and married now. When we were texting to set up our plans I asked if I could come over and just sit and rub her belly. She didn't really acknowledge that, so I tried not to rub it too much.

We chatted and got caught up on work, family, friends, and boys. The boys topic is always the best because I like to make up fake answers to shock Lindsey...I realize that I should probably stop doing that until after she has the baby though. 

I haven't really gotten to know her hubbs since I live across Texas, but he's so nice. The way he treats me you would think that he's known me for years! I'm so happy she found a good one.

Lindsey took off the next day and it was like old times when we roomed together for a semester in college. She was super sweet and made me waffles. What a good wife she would have made me! I even got to see Orion move around in her belly.

She also provided me with much needed advice and perspective. I'm glad she's always got loads of that to share.

I love spending time with Lindsey and can't wait to come back once I can hold Orion in my arms!

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  1. You crack me up. I love your humor.