Grown-up NYE

This was my second NYE with Steven + Jess. And so far my best two NYE yet. Coincidence? Nope, but the power of JesJess!

This years NYE was very different from last.

  • We had real food instead of peanut m&m's for dinner
  • No tripod dance moves
  • Everyone remembers all details
  • No one threw up on the table
  • Home by 2.
  • No hangovers the next day.
Yep, I think we have all entered the grown-up zone.

S+J, Kam+V, a few of their friends, and I all went to dinner at The Grove. I'd only been there once (before the Drake concert), and was excited to go back since this is one of Jess' fave spots, and it happens to be where S proposed to her a few years back. Oh the memories...that I wasn't there for since I hadn't met Jess yet.

Anyway. I met up at S+J's house and we got to watch the boys play some golf game on PS3 while we had couch and computer time. Luckiest girls ever. While Jess (who wore tights in preparation for a crazy evening) and I waited on everyone else we basically had a karaoke and mini jam sesh in the living room. Nothing better than belting out Cosmic Love with my home girl.

When it was time for dinner we were greeted with a tropical storm sized downpour. Great! We had one umbrella and the car was parked at the end of the driveway. Kam took everyone one at a time to the car under the umbrella. It almost felt like a rescue mission. The girls managed all right, but the boys were pretty soaked.

We battle traffic and get to The Grove to discover that they have blocked off valet parking. Steven was nice enough to drop everyone off at the curb and we made a mad dash for the restaurant. One of the guys gave me his jacket that I used as a shield, but Jess refused S' jacket because she thought it wasn't so bad...bad decision. I probably should have removed my shoes because it was pretty tricky running in heels while trying not to fall on the slick concrete.

We make it inside and Jess was having a Lauren Conrad mascara moment. The funny part? We had been joking about that before we left the house. After a trip to the bathroom her makeup really didn't look bad. And if the restaurant had hand dryers, then her hair would have been back to pre rain status too...instead she opted for a topknot that was a good backup plan.

The food was pretty good. I had the house salad, fried shrimp of some sort (the meatballs and quail were def better though), NY Strip w/ truffle macaroni, and the black forest torte (the cheesecake everyone else got was better).

Dinner lasted about 10-1:30...so things didn't get crazy. I joked with Jess that Steven was punishing us for the craziness that happened last year. 

We attempted to hit up a few bars on the way home...but everything was already closed. I thought I lived in a city. I got played.

We went back to S+J's house and popped another bottle of champagne. 

Although it was a good time with great company, I vote we fight the aging process and get crazy next year!


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